Talking With: Gladson CEO Sue Sentell on data management strategy

A big focus in 2016 will be leveraging data to improve and enhance customer experience. An expert offers up tips and insight on making it happen.


Amazon opening bookstores isn't as newsworthy as many may think

Amazon opening bookstores grabs lots of attention but it's really just another smart strategy. After all Amazon is a book seller already.

In order to survive and thrive don't breathe your own exhaust

Biggest threat to today's retailers lies within the walls of the ivory tower.

January's top 5 stories: Tech, trends and strategies for 2016

It's time for a look back at the most-read articles at Retail Customer Experience in January just in case you didn't keep up and were focused on keeping those New Year resolutions.

Talking With: Zebra Technologies on why Wi-Fi is a must-have retail technology

Implementing a free guest Wi-Fi can pay off in more ways than one and by 2017 an estimated 56 percent of retailers will be on board. But every retailer needs to be in the game.

Hybrid cloud rains benefits on forward-thinking retailers

Cloud-based digital technologies are transforming the retail industry to provide digitally connected, time-pressed customers with the value they expect — and as a consumer in 2016, if you've asked for it a certain way, you expect your favorite brand to deliver.

Amazon: We're focused on boosting customer satisfaction, customer experience

During its earnings call Thursday Amazon leaders didn't seem too upset about falling short of some analysts' financial expectations and drove home the message it's aiming to make customer experience better than ever.

Mobile banking continues to evolve

As consumers demand more access to their favorite brands at all times, financial institutions are trying to oblige.

The expanding digital divide between consumers and retailers

Consumers want it all … but just how much can retailers deliver?

New York company debuts pure mobile-only grocery checkout

While AmazonFresh, FreshDirect and Peapod have offered consumers varying degrees of online and mobile grocery ordering for several years, the in-store experience could use some help.

What Dollar Shave Club knows: Getting an edge on utility

The Dollar Shave Club is one sharp example of how manufacturing supply chains are being disrupted. Yet its approach to winning market share is disarmingly simple. Other staple consumer goods, from pet food to diapers, could do the same. Some already are.

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Next-gen Beacon Use Will Transform Retail CX

Beacons are a powerful tool in the customer experience practitioner's toolbox that can help monitor, manage, and reinvent customer experiences.

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Mobile Marketing Strategy

The rise of mobile technology is transforming the way we connect. To stay connected to customers in a changing market, retailers and brands are searching for innovative ways to leverage emerging technology to create a more engaging customer experience.

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The Digital Signage Pot of Gold for Commercial Integrators

Digital signage has found its place in providing business value. The digitization of the marketplace is pushing enduser enterprises to invest in the technology. Consumers expect dynamic yet personalized information delivery, prompting business to reexamine how they’re communicating with and marketing to their audience.

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Expert Insights in to Experiential Design

Every savvy business owner recognizes the need to provide an excellent customer experience – but this is much easier recognized than executed. While some brands and businesses flounder when it comes to experiential design, some hit the nail on the head, creating a distinct and engaging customer experience which remains memorable to their clientele.

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Distinguish your Brand with Scent Marketing

While businesses have historically used scent to mask or control malodor - think smoky bars, stinky gyms, or medical offices with that “antiseptic” smell - today’s savviest brands throughout the retail, finance, and hospitality industries are quickly incorporating scent marketing into their experiential design.

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Designing a Custom Retail Store Sound System

Sound wields such a powerful impact on consumer behavior that many contemporary retailers have begun to include music and sound as major elements in their experiential marketing strategy. They’ve realized that a positive auditory experience can help reinforce their brand’s image and core values.

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