Why egift rewards during holiday season are a win-win

Retailers and consumers are leveraging egift rewards for holiday promotions and passing on checks.


IBM GM: Cognitive computing 'secret weapon' in transforming experience

Retailers already know they must embrace cognitive computing to better engage with shoppers, differentiate their offerings and adopt a culture of innovation. Cognitive computing systems are becoming the secret weapon helping companies transform consumers' shopping experience.

Examining the design-it-yourself revolution

Enabling self-expression leads to a deeper and more intimate connection with brands, which is the basis for emotional branding.

How to: Crafting a compelling POS display, avoiding big minefields

Crafting innovative POS displays requires creativity, a change of strategy and a different mindset, as well as avoiding common pitfalls and misstep

3 steps for reinventing customer service with social support

HP Director Kriti Kapoor explains how social media is rapidly becoming the main conduit for customer care and support and why, if your company hasn't moved in this direction, it's time to leap forward.

Colleagues pay homage to editor James Bickers

James Bickers, founding editor of Digital Signage Today and Retail Customer Experience, is remembered as creative, passionate, enthusiastic, talented, but, most of all, as a man who adored his family and who made everyone smile.

Cisco talks virtual reality and customer experience in retail

Cisco's Shaun Kirby, CTO, Rapid Prototyping, talks augmented reality and virtual reality and the tremendous consumer uptake.

3 tips to avoid being ‘spooked’ by holiday shopping

How can retailers ensure continued success well into (and beyond) the holiday shopping season? The answer: Mobile.

Should retail prices in store be the same as online?

Omnichannel "click & collect" is a slippery slope for retail prices.

3 surefire ways to tell if a retail store is 'omnichannel'

Omnichannel is creating an experience where you can have it your way.

When change is in store: How Starbucks, Stouffer's and others manage transformation

The old chestnut goes that the only constant is change, but in retail this is not true. The other constant is the risk of failure, and knowing how and when to make the correct change.

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Reimagine the Video Strategy: Increase Engagement with Interactivity

Incorporating interactivity to an online video can take an already-popular format and add even more value.

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Sponsor: RooClick

Interactive Kiosks from the Hardware to the Software

When considering a kiosk deployment, it’s not only important to think about the individual components, but how they’ll work together.

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Sponsor: NEC Display Solutions

Smart technology narrows gap in consumer data for retailers

With smart technology, retailers can collect information on consumer behaviors and adjust their strategy accordingly to increase revenue.

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Valu Home Centers Gains Real-Time Data Visibility Across 41 Stores with iVend Retail

From among 10 companies vying for its business, Valu Home Centers chose CitiXsys’ iVend Retail solution for its chain of home centers and SAP Business One for its corporate offices.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: CitiXsys

True Omnichannel Means Bricks + Clicks

Shoppers no longer consider “the store” just a retailer’s physical location. They want to be able to engage with retailers anytime, anyway they want, whether that’s shopping on a computer, on a mobile device, or in person

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5 Best Practices for Turning Your Website into a Content Marketing Machine

Does your website leverage the best in content marketing practices to ensure potential clients look to you for solutions? 51 percent of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions than they did a year ago.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Networld Press

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