5 steps toward campaign hyper-personalization

In today's data-driven economy, standard campaign personalization alone isn't enough. Customers expect marketers to use their data competently; the ability to personalize appeals using the correct name and contact information is table stakes.


EMV 1 year later: Navigating through the process

The U.S. EMV liability shift will "celebrate" its one-year anniversary on Oct. 1, yet roughly 60 percent of U.S. merchants still cannot accept EMV.

Examining the 5 retail senses

What happens when we go beyond the basic human senses and tap into a consumer's retail senses? Retail senses encompass the five basic areas: presentation, price, quality, availability and location.

4 ways mobile can boost the bottom line

James Robins, CMO at Canvas, offers up four ways mobile technology can help retailers improve the bottom line, and make for happier customers and a happier retailer.

[Webinar] How to create the seamless cross-channel connection

Today's shoppers browse online while checking out shelves and racks in brick-and-mortar retailers, so building loyalty and brand advocacy is challenging.

How artificial intelligence is transforming retail personalization

Retail personalization is certainly not a new concept, but there are many new advances in personalization helping retailers create deeper relationships with shoppers through meaningful, relevant and contextual experiences.

5 major retail fails from P&G, Macy's, Wal-Mart (and what they teach us)

Some of the most attractive investments in retail have proven disastrous. Fortunately, retailers have learned to rebuild from past mistakes.

Pokémon GO: A retailer's dream, or a network/app management nightmare?

Most retailers take advantage of applications to improve customer engagement. To facilitate wireless coverage for customers using a retailer's mobile app (who may also be playing Pokémon GO), the store may offer guest Wi-Fi with direct Internet access, specifically designed for use by shoppers.

Mobile innovation is not about your phone!

What if the future of mobile has nothing to do with the phone in your hand?

Freebirds talks mobile innovation at CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit

Freebirds' VP of Marketing Erin Levzow talks with Hughes' Tim Tang about the importance of mobile for both the business and the customer.

How Express.com improved search conversions by 18%

Apparel retailer Express.com provides insight on how helping shoppers find relevant products faster and easier led to a rewarding customer experience and business benefits.

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Interactive Kiosks from the Hardware to the Software

When considering a kiosk deployment, it’s not only important to think about the individual components, but how they’ll work together.

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Size Matters In Digital Signage

To get the most out digital signage in retail settings, keep two key words in mind: Size Matters. That doesn’t mean bigger is better. What matters is using screen sizes that suit the setting, dynamics and purpose.

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O6 Solutions

Our O6, outdoor kiosk model is commonly used to provide parking kiosk solutions. It is a rugged, vandal-resistant model that can be used as an unattended solution, perfect for the distribution and payment of parking tickets or fees.

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Behind the Screens | 6 Touch Technologies

Learn about the functions, features and flaws behind six different touch screen technologies.

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[WEBINAR] How EXPRESS improved Site Search to get customers to the right products, faster than ever

When site search works, it's fast, efficient, and dramatically improves customer experience. Join us for this webinar to hear how EXPRESS solved their site search problem.

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[LIVE WEBINAR] Retailers: Discover the key to seamless cross-channel connections

Date: September 29, 2016 | Time: 2:00 PM EDT | Duration: 60 Minutes | Join Pitney Bowes for this webinar to learn how a revolutionary approach to ‘Knowing Your Customer’ makes it possible to understand customers as individuals, discern their connections and reach each one more personally across every channel and touchpoint.

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