Bots, in-store tech top trends taking place in retail

The first half of the year boasted big changes for the retail industry, with beloved brands like Target completely redesigning their store, and the convenience of dollar stores entering the online space. Along with these changes came a few trends that are helpling shape retail this year.


Building the foundation for digital transformation

Why businesses must modernize infrastructure, culture and business processes to truly meet the needs of today's digitally-savvy customers.

Free webinar: Discover how mobile is transforming retail store operations

Big name retailers including Container Store and Guess are optimizing on mobile to drive business, boost customer engagement and provide a seamless omnichannel experience.

4 steps for leveraging mobile to better connect with customers

Strategic omnichannel marketing is more important than ever and smart retailers are paying close attention to how the mobile journey influences purchasing decisions.

The ICX Interview: Richard Ventura, NEC Display Solutions of America

Richard Ventura, vice president of business development and solutions for Director-level ICX Association member NEC Display Solutions of America, talks about his company and its involvement with the association and with ICX technologies.

Why your app isn't appealing to your customer base

Not all apps are created equal, and consumers don't have the patience to wait while you to get it right.

Early bird gets the worm: Top 5 reasons to meet us in Cali for Fast Cas Exec Summit

Although our 11th annual Fast Casual Executive Summit isn't until Oct. 9-11, you can get in at $595 as opposed to the regular price of $795 if you register by Friday. If that's not enough incentive to join us in sunny California for the summit, below are top five reasons you need to put his amazing event on your calendar.

Pizza Hut's digital guru talking all-things tech

Baron Concors, Pizza Hut's global chief digital officer, will share insights about the chain's digital strategy Aug. 17 at this year’s CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit in Dallas.

Tips on merging in-store, online retail personalities

One of the biggest issues facing retailers is how to merge in-store personalities with online ones. We're not talking about the same colors and logos and offerings on sites and stores.

3 steps to cutting 1 huge expense

Legal hacks of credit card fees may seem complicated at first, but once understanding the three basic components of payment processing statements, they become as easy as swiping the card.

Pokémon Go spurring mall, retail traffic but sales not so much

Pokémon Go is driving consumers to malls, retail shops and business districts as millions of gamers search for characters in the game.

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How to Get the Most From Your Store Systems Investment

The world of retailing is becoming increasingly challenging and fraught with competition. Merchants that invest wisely in store systems, make the most of these investments and lean on a knowledgeable, service oriented technology partner to get the job done and ensure they remain on a firm foundation in the short and long term alike.

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The Disconnect Between Brands & Consumers in Mobile-Enabled Loyalty Programs

Are brands and marketers implementing mobile loyalty programs fast enough? Where does mobile loyalty rank as a strategic business priority? Considering the radical evolution of mobile technology, our research highlights the differences between what consumers expect from a loyalty program and what brands currently offer.

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Digital Signage – Key to Retail 4.0 Transformation

The retail business is again in the midst of massive transformation - with Retail 4.0 driven by advances of the cloud, big data analytics and the Internet of Things, and growing preference of shoppers for seamless experiences.

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How to Leverage Your Company’s Brand Value as Promotional Incentives

Join us for a discussion with Blackhawk Engagement solutions, that outlines how to use brand value — like physical and digital gift cards — to help grow your sales.

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Sponsor: Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, Inc.

Turnkey Digital Signage Solutions

Mvix, a digital signage provider, offers web-based solutions that are robust, scalable, and easy-to-use. Use them in a doctor's waiting room, school, retail store, hotel lobby, airport, restaurant, and more.

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Trends in Retail Displays

More and more, retail displays are seeking to create a multisensory experience to get their message across.

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