Retail space is not cheap, and making the most of a small amount of square footage is often the ticket to success of many small businesses. An article on gave a list of seven low-cost design ideas for small retail spaces, including:

  1. Paint an accent wall. Using color to create the illusion of space and depth can quickly change a customer’s perception of the retail space.
  2. Create window-like effects. Cutting window shaped holes between rooms or hanging drapes on a wall will give the room a larger, more airy feel.
  3. Think vertically. Displaying items on various levels is appealing to customers and maximizes space.

Read more about merchandising.

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  • Manmohan Manu
    Informative article. There's a white paper on retail on McGladrey website ( ) that describes current trends in US retail sector.
  • Bruce Wisener
    My question is whether customers object to a small retail space? I think that clutter is what they have issues with, so as long as the shopping experience is kept simple and easy via merchandising for the space, presenting the product in an impactful and understandable way, and managing the space so that free movement throughout is possible and encouraged, the customer won't mind. In other words--if it's hard for people to buy what they need and want, all the curtains and paint in the world won't make a difference.

    Bruce Wisener
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