ShopperTrak, a provider of insights into shopper behavior and retail analytics, made three announcements today at the NRF Conference and EXPO:

ShopperTrak Real-Time Reporting is a reporting tool to measure traffic and sales information real-time across a network of stores. Shopper data is refreshed as often as every 15 minutes, enabling retailers to quickly assess performance and immediately take action to adjust sales strategies to increase performance and conversion rates.

With Real-Time Reporting, retailers immediately can benchmark against their performance goals in the categories of shopper traffic, sales, conversion rates and average transaction size (ATS), and make the necessary adjustments to take advantage of opportunities or remedy any shortfalls. This could include optimizing labor and staff, providing coaching to the sales team on the floor, offering just-in-time promotions and discounts, re-merchandising, and shifting product to meet demand.

Interior Analytics integrates in-store shopper behavior with perimeter analytics through ShopperTrak Insights, delivering retailers insight to drive revenue. The integrated reporting platform allows customers to link store performance metrics from Interior Analytics with their three profit pillars of traffic, conversion and average transaction size to first understand the reasons behind sales fluctuations and then take action to alter customer behavior to seize in-store opportunities, ultimately increasing sales.

Four new capabilities have been added to ShopperTrak Insights, an intelligent analytics reporting service for retailers around the world. The enhanced functionality includes single sign-on, multi-language, multi-currency, and marketing analysis.

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