Why in-queue merchandising matters (infographic)

April 18, 2014

By Perry Kuklin, Lavi Industries

In-queue merchandising is, essentially, a waiting line comprised of stanchions, racks, baskets, signage and other accessories designed to create displays that present products for sale. Besides the physical products, these displays can be used for advertising and promotional opportunities that create brand awareness and further other marketing goals.

There are numerous benefits to implementing in-queue merchandising strategies including maximizing otherwise unused retail space, facilitating customer flow, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting company profits.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Keep displays balanced as to avoid wasted space and a wasted opportunity and to also avoid a cluttered look that is uninviting for shoppers to browse the products.
  • Be careful when placing merchandise on the turns. It can lead to knocked over displays and damaged products, not to mention customers too embarrassed to come back to the store. If using merchandise on turns, be prepared to leave enough floor space for customers to maneuver carts and baskets.
  • Maintain the perimeter of the in-queue merchandising displays. Neglecting the outside of the queue is once again a missed opportunity and wasted space.
  • Create scalability to both accommodate the various selections of products available for sale as well as to be prepared for the ebb and flow of the waiting line. Be mindful that as the line shortens merchandise is not left behind.
  • Do not forget about signage. Signage is the simple and functional solution to letting people know what merchandise is and how much it costs.
  • It is okay to start small. Use simple merchandising techniques such as bowls and baskets to launch in-line displays and then expand in a logical manner that does not disrupt the waiting line experience.

The following infographic details tips and best practices for in-queue merchandising. It addresses the various components of in-queue merchandising including the mechanics of the merchandising displays and the benefits provided to both customers and retailers.

In-queue merchandising infographic

Topics: Customer Experience , Marketing , Merchandising , Point-of-Purchase / POP , Store Design & Layout

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