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It was not that many years ago when, if the power went out or the cash register broke in the middle of the business day, a retailer could still complete a sales transaction. He might have had to make some notes to be reconciled later, or make change from his own pocket so that the satisfied customer could get their goods. But the show could go on.

But the changing face of the POS, and its dramatic increase in complexity, has made power and Internet connectivity mission-critical for retailers. Internet downtime used to be an inconvenience; now, it is life or death for a business.

This infographic from and CradlePoint, aims to illustrate some of the many ways always-on connectivity impacts a retail business. It's not just the POS, either: it's everything from supply chain to loyalty programs to employee scheduling and time management. Consider this: on average, each minute of POS downtime costs a retailer $4,700. Given all of the other challenges facing retailers today, is that really a risk that you can afford to take?

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The High Cost of Internet Downtime for Retailers [infographic]

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