Amazon debuts push-button service to make re-stocking super easy

Convenience is at the core of mega online retailer's re-order service.

No surprise: Gallup finds mobile wallets low priority for consumers

Just 13 percent of more than 17,000 consumers surveyed have a digital wallet on their smartphone.

The clash of a crying toddler and the customer dining experience

Sometimes ensuring a good customer experience requires taking a deep breath and strategy.

A customer experience can have a shelf life of forever so make it good

Just as a great experience can boost business, a horrid customer experience can hurt the bottom line. What message would you send in the latter situation?

3 ways to prep for the ban on trans fats

Food retailers can prepare for the ban by taking a few necessary steps.

Why cost cutting strategies require putting the customer first

Retailers, like every business niche, are continually striving to save money while making more money, and if you’ve been reading the national business headlines, you may have noticed a new trend that seems to be taking root.

Are you 'CONNECTING' with your customers?

The CONNECT 2015 Mobile Innovation Summit will teach restaurant operators and retailers how to provide customers with mobile connections to help build a loyal fan base.

Hello from the new editor, we want your insight

There hasn’t been a more exciting time for retailers thanks to all the emerging technologies. Retailers must learn about new platforms designed for engaging consumers and improving the customer experience as well as strategies incorporating both tech and tools for advancing and expanding the retail business industry.

Walmart’s new strategy isn’t really new but it's banking on super powers

Every retailer is focused on improving the customer experience. Even the world’s biggest retailer — Walmart — is embarking on a huge journey and banking on its associates to carry the ball across the goal line.

The new force at Old Navy: 4 loyalty Lessons from a retail revival

Like a smattering of rhinestones on a pair of skinny jeans, Old Navy has emerged as the unexpected sparkle in Gap Inc.’s performance.

Shoppers prefer using PCs to deal with customer service issues

A new study found that shoppers still find more comfort in logging on to websites and PCs over their phones when it comes to dealing with customer service issues.

Why retailers should embrace 'omichannel' ATMs

It might be hard to conclude that omnichannel support will be the salvation of big box retailers as they fend off the likes of Amazon, but the need for ATMs to be tightly integrated with other channels is an obvious conclusion to anyone exposed to omnichannel initiatives.

With Android Pay's arrival, battlefield lines have been drawn

Google is back in the game with another mobile payments product, but how does it stack up against Apple Pay and Samsung Pay? Michelle Evans, senior consumer finance analyst at Euromonitor International, examines where Android Pay stands at this point.

Bricks and orders: re-inventing the store

Blogger Bryan Pearson discusses how Birchbox, Amazon, Rent the Runway are re-inventing the store.

Uber, Nordstrom, Macy's take arms, and Armanis

Living mannequins have their place, but few events translate to pure retail progress like a pair of Louboutins arriving by Uber, writes RCE blogger Bryan Pearson.

Is your promotional process a positive customer experience?

A robust promotional strategy has become an integral element of nearly every organization’s marketing mix. However, promotions without the right structure could turn a positive into a negative.

Will Facebook and Twitter accelerate retail m-commerce?

The power of social media could shape retail digital transformation, according to Alex Hum in his latest blog post.

Consistency and avoiding Whac-A-Mole

An important attribute of a leader is consistency. Without it, employees are left to wonder what is and isn't acceptable. This also takes focus and energy away from the customer.

3 myths keeping customers away from online shopping

Dan Leberman, vice president North American online small and medium business unit for PayPal, debunks the myths that inhibit e-commerce.

What lane are you in?

There are some retailers that focus on customer service. Blogger Cindy Pass takes a look at why these companies are worthy of recognition, and why a "confused customer won't buy."

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