Why retailers' collaboration is more than a win-win, it's a win-win-win

Collaboration and partnerships between retailers are more common than ever, and that's a great thing for veteran retailers and newcomers launching products. It's great for the consumer as well.

CONNECT: How to get your app into the hands of millennials

Millennials will only keep 20 apps on a phone so the challenge is creating one that makes the cut.

CONNECT: Why restaurants aren't deploying beacons

A recent panel at Networld Media Group's CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit discussed beacon technology's role with restaurateurs and retailers today.

CONNECT: How to get your app into the hands of millennials

Millennials will only keep 20 apps on a phone so the challenge is creating one that makes the cut.

Back-to-School: 4 ways retailers can cash in

Retailers need to recognize the event of back-to-school shopping has changed. It’s no longer a mother-child outing shaped by retailers. Now students are fashion influencers through a crop of well-watched blogs.

Store design: It just keeps getting smarter… and sexier

There's no question that today's shoppers want to be wowed. Tech-savvy and design-smart, they're looking for interactive and visually appealing experiences that jolt them out of the day-to-day.

Say what? A Wheaties beer? Yup, and it’s called HefeWheaties

Breakfast food retailer delves into a new product line, just like high-end fashion retailer Lululemon. One hint: it comes with foam on top.

Beyond engagement: Top must-haves to drive customer experience forward

The customer experience doesn’t start and stop at a brand destination. It continues on social channels, where you have no control on what’s shared.

Apple taking a bigger bite of watch market than many expected

The electronics device innovator's Watch was predicted to have some impact on the traditional timepiece-making market, but the actual bite may surprise most industry watchers.

Witness: The crumbling tenents of quality customer experience

Was it a social experiment? No clue, but it clearly wasn't a warm fuzzy consumer interaction.

Dear Amazon: Reneging on Prime does not make for a good customer experience

When you sign up and pay for an annual service the only update or change should be one that benefits the subscriber. Otherwise it's pretty much called a gyp by those over 40.

Amazon debuts push-button service to make re-stocking super easy

Convenience is at the core of mega online retailer's re-order service.

No surprise: Gallup finds mobile wallets low priority for consumers

Just 13 percent of more than 17,000 consumers surveyed have a digital wallet on their smartphone.

The clash of a crying toddler and the customer dining experience

Sometimes ensuring a good customer experience requires taking a deep breath and strategy.

A customer experience can have a shelf life of forever so make it good

Just as a great experience can boost business, a horrid customer experience can hurt the bottom line. What message would you send in the latter situation?

3 ways to prep for the ban on trans fats

Food retailers can prepare for the ban by taking a few necessary steps.

Why cost cutting strategies require putting the customer first

Retailers, like every business niche, are continually striving to save money while making more money, and if you’ve been reading the national business headlines, you may have noticed a new trend that seems to be taking root.

Are you 'CONNECTING' with your customers?

The CONNECT 2015 Mobile Innovation Summit will teach restaurant operators and retailers how to provide customers with mobile connections to help build a loyal fan base.

Hello from the new editor, we want your insight

There hasn’t been a more exciting time for retailers thanks to all the emerging technologies. Retailers must learn about new platforms designed for engaging consumers and improving the customer experience as well as strategies incorporating both tech and tools for advancing and expanding the retail business industry.

Walmart’s new strategy isn’t really new but it's banking on super powers

Every retailer is focused on improving the customer experience. Even the world’s biggest retailer — Walmart — is embarking on a huge journey and banking on its associates to carry the ball across the goal line.

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