These Target training videos are a joke. I think.

Oct. 3, 2012 | by James Bickers

We've all got that one family member who thinks he's hilarious, but he is not. Let's call him Uncle Kevin. At any family gathering, Uncle Kevin can be counted on to deliver a performance that makes everyone want to avoid eye contact - suddenly, everybody has to go to the bathroom. It'll usually be in the style of something that was current and hip, but just slightly too late (he'll be showing you his Gangnam Style video this Christmas).

That's the vibe you get from a batch of internal Target training videos, recently leaked to Gawker. Take this one, for instance, which laboriously tells new associates how to say "Can I help you find something?" to a guest:

You can see more over at Gawker, I suppose there's the outside chance that these are actually clever and funny, and that they're told with a level of detachment and meta-awareness that is one level above my head. That, or Target is your Uncle Kevin.

Topics: Customer Service , Employee Training

James Bickers / James Bickers is the senior editor of Retail Customer Experience, and also manages webinars for Networld Media Group. He has more than 20 years experience as a journalist and innovative content strategist, with publication credits in national, international and regional publications.
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