With proven solutions that span the digital reach of consumers, Nanonation's software delivers powerful messaging and integrated marketing services seamlessly across your enterprise - all while monitoring, measuring, and managing each customer interaction.
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Selling Digital Signage in the Franchise and Dealer Models

Companies often want to include digital signage as part of their brand but don't have the time or expertise to handle the job in-house. That's when it is important to have a strong technology partner.

CETW: Nanonation's interactive entertainment system

Nanonation CEO Brian Fairfield demonstrated the company's new interactive entertainment system, designed for use in restaurant and retail environments, at this year's Consumer Engagement Technology World event.

Four Ways to Create a Robust, Centralized Digital Signage Ecosystem

How to avoid the many pitfalls en route to creating a total digital ecosystem.

Location, location, location: Where to put digital signage in retail

Retailers have to get smart when it comes to digital signage placement.

What retailers should know about Google Glasses

Retail experts and techies debate the technology's feasibility and why retailers should care.

Nanonation rocks out ambient digital signage, product info kiosks (Video)

The company talks retail solutions in digital signage and kiosks.

Creating an Immersive Retail Experience

Shoppers have more choices than ever. Great experiences can keep them loyal and away from the competition.

CETW12: Nanonation rocks out its digital signs

Nanonation's Bryan Fairfield chats with RetailCustomerExperience.com’s Cherryh Butler about some of its newest solutions at CETW 2012 San Francisco, including digital signage that allows retailers to play music videos in store to create an environment specific to the retailer.

CETW 2012: A sneak peek of what's on display

CETW rolls into the city by the bay this week, showcasing kiosks, digital signage and customer-engaging tech.

Social Retailing: How Technology Is Changing the World of Marketing and Branding

Social media is reshaping the way people communicate, and retailers need to be a part of the conversation.

The Empowered Employee: How Technology Is Changing Customer Engagement

New tools are helping to shorten training and make customer service better than ever.

Shaping the Customer Experience with Digital Signage

It's no longer enough to merely sell products and services — today, successful businesses engage customers intellectually and emotionally. Learn how digital signage can accomplish both goals, while invigorating the bottom line.

Understanding the Relationship between Digital Technology and Location-Based Marketing

Digital technology is creating compelling customer interactions based on location by linking relevant content to any screen, anywhere.

An Introduction to Smart Retailing

Technology can create new ways to engage customers with intelligent means to manage, monitor and measure interactions.

CETW: Nanonation's approach to customer engagement

CMO Brian Ardinger talks about the importance of interactivity as part of its software development.

Key factors to consider in the deployment of a multi-touch kiosk

The economic downturn has permanently changed the way consumers shop. More shopping trips begin online and at in-store kiosks, and price comparisons and coupon searches are even more common.

Cross-Channel Marketing for Retailers

With the advent of the digital age, retailers have an array of new channels for marketing their businesses, but it can be a challenge to make those channels work together.

Nanonation transforms Build-a-Bear kiosk platforms

Build-A-Bear approached Nanonation to convert the entire network of kiosks to a single unified platform based on Nanonation's Nanopoint software and to maintain the same interface that customers had become so familiar with.

Webinar: Who Moved My Customer? Engaging & Empowering the New Digital Consumer

Interactive screens, mobile phones, digital signage, QR codes, location-based apps, RFID, and a myriad of other technologies have upped the complexity and opportunity for engaging consumers wherever and whenever.

California gas stations to get Pepsi recycling kiosks

The Greenopolis recycling kiosk that won best of show at this year’s KioskCom and Digital Signage Expo is about to become a much more familiar sight.Beverage giant PepsiCo, Inc. has announced that it is partnering with Waste Management to deploy 3,000 Greenopolis kiosks in California.

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