RedDotNet develops, manufactures and manages end-to-end solutions for the retail environment.

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Retail Kiosks Tips for Success

Kiosks are becoming commonplace in retail, unfortunately many kiosks sit unused. There are many reasons for this, some rooted in poor design decisions, others related to poor system maintenance. It takes just one bad experience and a customer will never...

RedDotNet launches NFC integrated kiosk

RedDotNet showed off its 15-inch, NFC- integrated kiosk at CETW in San Francisco. Robb Kirschenmann, the company's vice president of operations, spoke with's Cherryh Butler about how retailers can use it to provide in-store offers to customers.

Kiosk Implementation: First Steps

Kiosks are becoming an indispensable part of the retail landscape. Before embarking on a kiosk project, there are several important questions that must be answered. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Best Practices in Kiosk User Interface Design

Simplicity, navigating screens and data entry all are key features to the success of a kiosk.

In-store Web sites: The pitfalls

Offering customers in-store access to your Web site may be more complicated than it seems.

10 Reasons Why Kiosk Projects Fail

Kiosks can be an integral part of a business, but without careful planning, they will not be fully utilized. Learn 10 reasons why kiosk projects fail and tips to overcoming these common mistakes.

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