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MediaCento RF capabilities/features:

• Encode and modulate video input, creating an HDTV channel for low-cost coax distribution.

• Make it simple and affordable to send high-quality video to every on-premise HDTV screen.

• Work with any VGA or Component video source (computers, set-top boxes, digital signage players, etc.).

• Easy to integrate into new or existing coax RF distribution systems.

• Use HD MPEG2 encoding technology, modulates signals for QAM 256 channel distribution.

• To view video remotely, just tune your HDTV to Channel 2.1 and enjoy high-quality video.

• No set-top boxes required. Simply use the QAM tuner of your HDTV to receive the channel.

• No limit to the number of HDTVs that can receive broadcasts from a single unit.

• The new channel(s) can be combined with off-site digital TV feeds, too.

• Ideal for hotels, hospitals, and schools who want to add their own channel to an in-house cable system.

Why install new cabling for digital signage or AV signal distribution when you can use existing coax runs instead? MediaCento™ RF extenders from Black Box give you a simple, affordable way to do just that.

With these boxes, you can convert HD video from a video source into an HDTV cable channel, extending that channel over standard coax RF wiring already in your building. Use them, for instance, to set up an information channel as part of an in-house TV distribution system.

MediaCento RF extenders are particularly ideal for businesses, institutions, or public venues that currently have some local HD content that they’d like to distribute to on-premises HDTVs. They’re especially ideal for hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and mass-transit facilities.

Choose from two versions: MediaCento RF 720p and the more advanced MediaCento RF 1080i , which features looped local inputs for both Component and VGA video monitors as well as digital and analog video speakers at the source, plus a DB9 port for system control from an RS-232 console.

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