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NEC/3M Touchscreen LCDs capabilities/features:

• Fast, accurate, repeatable response for busy touch applications.

• Touch operation not affected by dust or other contaminants on the surface.

• Chemically strengthened glass with anti-glare surface.

• Remotely manageable via serial RS-232 or Ethernet ports.

• Include intuitive NaViSet™ software for display control.

• Energy Star 5.0 rated with features for lower power consumption.

• TileMatrix™ and TileComp™ technology for creating video walls.

• Use in landscape or portrait orientation.

• P Series models offer additional thermal protection.

• Available in various sizes.

Looking to set up eye-catching digital signage that also supports heavy-duty touch interactivity? Take a look at our NEC®/3M® Touchscreen LCDs. These tough HID devices are durable enough to withstand heavy daily use, making them ideal for busy retail PoS/PoP and mall wayfinding applications.

The screens themselves are HD-quality NEC V Series or P Series LCD bezels fitted with 3M® MicroTouch™ Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) overlays. Most traditional touchscreens detect touch by interrupting acoustic waves, optical fields, or infrared beams above the screen surface. These screens, however, detect touch by interpreting bending waves within the glass substrate. High-speed processors precisely calculate the location of a finger contact, resulting in fast, accurate, and reliable touch response.

The glass overlays feature a chemically strengthened, anti-glare surface, and the LCDs are designed for extended use. Plus, they boast high brightness and contrast ratios for rendering of crisp images and text in areas with lots of ambient light.

We offer versions in various screen sizes with USB connections (which work reliably with the Black Box ICOMPEL™ publisher/player platform) and with RS-232 connections

Products and Services

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