The Dot™ has applications in many different retail segments. The small footprint of The Dot™ means that multiple units can be strategically positioned, allowing retailers to connect with their customers.

Examples of retail segments include electronics, grocery, auto, hardware, office products, apparel.

The Dot™ supports such features as:

  • In-depth product information:  The integrated bar code scanner is used to quickly display product information. Alternatively customers can locate product through the patented browsing or search features. Product information can include price, inventory, descriptions, images, video and how-to.
  • Manufacturer Promotions:  The Dot™ provides a digital signage capability which draws customers in. In this way manufacturers can connect directly with their customers, it is almost like having a manufacturer representative available.
  • In-Store Marketing:  The Dot™ can be used to run competitions, generate leads, take customer surveys, maintain wish lists etc. Even with an incentive, customers often have an aversion to using a kiosk. The Dot's toy like, brightly colored appearance and bright screen quickly alleviates any concerns.
  • Customer Loyalty:  The Dot™ can provide the connection between the retailer and the customer via the retailer's Loyalty program. This may be just a regular email with special offers, or a more sophisticated system with purchasing 'points'.
  • Wayfinding:  The Dot™ can be used to locate products in the store. After selecting a product using the advanced browsing and search features, the unit displays a map of the store with the route to the product clearly marked. This can be combined with inventory information and price, reducing the need for unnecessary store employee interactions.

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