Brad Cyprus / Bradley K. Cyprus has more than 20 years experience in the security industry. He manages the development of in-house solutions to validate compliance, and he is a resource that Vendor Safe customers can rely upon to help interpret the PCI standard.
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PCI 3.0 is a wake-up call for SAQ C merchants

Merchants should be prepared to increase their security measures if they are going to comply with the PCI 3.0 standard.

Backoff is the new standard by which other malware will be judged

Every now and then, hackers develop a piece of malware that is so insidious, it changes the landscape of computer security. While there are many contenders for this dubious list, CodeRed, Zeus, and now Backoff are certainly worthy of inclusion.

Thieves tried to steal credit cards from Nordstrom

When you think of the name Nordstrom, what comes to mind? A large department store, with valuable products at fair prices? Crowds pushing and squeezing their way to critical mass as the last few items left on the sales rack...

Hackers may just look to embarrass you

When you think about electronic security, what comes to mind? Do you consider how vulnerable your customer credit cards are, or how easily someone can break into your on-line bank account? These are the most profitable avenues of attack that...

Universal Plug and Play: A new report on an old problem

In the dark ages of personal computers (1980’s and 90’s), you either needed to be a computer geek or have access to one if you wanted any device to work with your computer. You had to go through a complicated driver installation process, and possibly replace system files.

POS users: A new attack has been discovered

During the Christmas holidays, families across America were anxiously awaiting the day of merriment and joy when they could rip open their presents, spend time with family, and watch football on the couch while recovering from a feast fit for a king. Computer hackers were looking forward to the holidays as well.

What do you do after you become PCI compliant?

Congratulations! You took the time to become PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant by accurately filling out your Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and passing all the requirements; remediating your location until you internal and external vulnerability scans passed; and...

Microsoft Internet Explorer compromise highlights POS issue

The key to good security is more than just technology. It starts with an attitude and culminates in a corporate environment designed to keep sensitive data secure.

POS system hackers are caught and prosecuted

Subway has been the subject of intensive scrutiny and media attention since it came to light that their POS system was found to be vulnerable and that several credit cards had been electronically stolen from them by an overseas crime...

The Internet just got more dangerous to businesses

Internet browsing is one of the most painful parts of managing a security program. We are constantly having to educate our own customers as to why we limit browsing to the Internet from the POS stations we protect.

Feds charge a suspected major cyber thief

Everyone in retail can breathe a little easier today knowing that federal authorities have charged David Benjamin Schrooten, or as he is known in cyber space "Foretezza", with multiple counts of credit card theft. Allegedly, Mr Schrooten, who is a Dutch national, and his U.S.

There is more to PCI than your POS software

There is an ugly truth in the world if you process your credit cards through your POS software. Businesses that fall under this model must understand that software alone, even if it meets the PCI requirements as dictated by PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard), is not enough by itself to make you PCI compliant.

MasterCard EMV announcement: The reality

In 2011, Visa announced a plan to introduce the Europay MasterCard Visa standard (EMV) to the US market, and to do so, they determined that they should incentivize large retailers to hop on board. With that in mind they created...

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