Jim Joseph / Jim Joseph is an award-winning marketing professional who specializes in building consumer brands. His client experience includes blockbuster brands like Kellogg's, Kraft, Cadillac, Tylenol, Clean & Clear, and Wal-Mart. He is currently President of Lippe Taylor Brand Communications in New York.

How Chevy wins at storytelling

For years now, those of us in marketing have been talking about storytelling ... wrapping your brand message into a compelling consumer story that will draw people in.

Make sure your associates are not practicing survey coercion

Last week in my class at NYU we discussed consumer surveys as a market research technique. They are a tried and true approach to getting feedback or getting to know your customers ...

My two newest favorite terms

If you've read my book, then you know that I'm not a big fan of marketing buzz words. You know the ones: words that get used over and over, all day long, to describe marketing programs.

Some thoughts on Black Friday

In case you haven't noticed all the pre-hype, Black Friday is coming soon to a retailer near you. Of course we all know that Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is the biggest shopping day of the year, the day...

Some stats about Halloween

As we prepare for the what some consider to be the 4th biggest holiday in America (after "December", Thanksgiving, and 4th of July), I thought I'd share some interesting facts about Halloween. Most of the time we don't think about...

A lesson in customer service

I just got a text the other day that many of us hope never happens: the guy who has cut my hair for years is leaving the salon. Oh no! Not to over exaggerate, but it really is a big deal.

Sofia Vergara for Kmart

Sunday night was The Emmy Awards, and although she didn't win the award for which she was nominated, the big winner was Sofia Vergara. First of all, she is part of the ensemble cast of the best show on television...

Pepsi Throwback

The cola wars are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating categories to watch in marketing - probably ever since the '80s. Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke --- there are so many varieties that it could make your head spin. And who could forget the classic new Coke vs.

Foursquare and American Express

I think a new day may just be beginning for location-based social media. Late last week Foursquare announced a new partnership with American Express, basically an expansion of a test market they had been running where American Express card members...

MUJI, the 'unbrand'

I find this recent import from Japan to be an interesting retail branding story. MUJI. Unless you live in one of the major metropolitan areas, you probably have not heard of this new retail store.

American Express Social Currency

I've been speaking a lot lately about how social media can transform a brand. Either give it a voice for the first time, give it thought leadership status, or give its brand essence real meaning. I love what American Express is doing.

How social media is changing conferences

Last week I went to two industry conferences (OTC Perspectives and PRSA Counselors Academy) and an awards show (Sabre Awards) — it was a big networking week. My friend Mike Brown from Brainzooming, who I met at the AMA conference...

Shout Color Catcher: A lesson in brand extension

File this under "how do they do that?" The Shout Color Catcher. It's a patch of cloth you put in with your laundry and if you accidentally mix that brand new bright red t-shirt with your white underwear, the color bleeds onto the color catcher and not your tightey whiteys.

Social Vending from Pepsi

My friend Stan Phelps turned me onto this little marketing innovation from Pepsi. It's actually pretty cool -- they've reinvented the vending machine and linked it to social media.

Starbucks 40th Anniversary

When Starbucks announced its new logo earlier this year, they said that it was just the start of something big. We got all a twitter about it, but I for one thought it was a bold move.

Target and Top Chef

I was a big big fan of Top Chef when it first debuted, but I have to admit that I've lost interest over the seasons. No reason, really, I just don't watch that much television and it has fallen off of my radar.


During my holiday shopping frenzy in NYC this year, I had an experience that has me still scratching my head. I was walking down Broadway and spied out of the corner of my little eye what looked to be Abercrombie & Fitch.

Favorite Marketing Moments of 2010

I love year-end lists ... can't get enough of them.

Baking Wars at Michaels

It's the holidays, and among other things 'tis the season for baking. I noticed some very interesting marketing activity in the baking category at a surprising place, Michaels (as in the arts and crafts store).I actually had no idea that bakeware and cake decorating supplies were such big stuff for Michaels.


I was walking down Bleeker Street in NYC the other day, just kind of strolling along. If you don't know, Bleeker Street is a quiet little street in Greenwich Village that has become a bit of a shopping mecca, filled...

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