Lisa Biank Fasig / Lisa leads the creation of editorials and feature stories for COLLOQUY and oversees the work of contributing editors and writers. With 18 years of reporting experience, most in business and specifically consumer behavior, she is highly skilled at researching data and teasing out the trends. A background in graphic design enables her to see ideas in three dimensions and tell the story visually.
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Egging for the bigger basket

The saying goes that you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, but this year coloring a dozen eggs may crack your budget. The price of eggs is at a historical high, thanks in particular to international...

For Nordstrom Rack, Canada is a moving target

Canadians love their hockey, doughnuts and the metric system, but they apparently are not appreciating the fluorescent glow of a good American value. Nordstrom Rack, one of the nation's most popular low-priced chains — particularly for its shoes — is...

Saying no, thank you, to bad customer relations

Consumers today are accustomed to earning points for their purchases, but coins for being courteous? How Nice. And I do mean Nice, as in the jewel of southern France. According to a story in NBC News, the Le Petite Syrah...

Kroger proposal seeks to pull human trafficking from supply chain

A pile of honeycrisp apples in the grocery aisle isn't likely to get shoppers thinking about human trafficking, but some shareholders of Kroger Co. want it to. Four shareholders filed a proposal through Kroger’s annual proxy statement requesting that it...

Avon's makeover: A world affair brought home

When I was a teenager my sister sold Avon products. She was actually pretty good.

Lululemon can avoid sheer 'Luonacy'

You'd think a yoga outfitter would afford its customers a little more flexibility. But if the tales of Lululemon's recent fabric faux pas are true, then the Canadian merchant is facing one lulu of an image problem. We speak here...

Starbucks reusable cups, a redemption story

Will a reusable cup get people thinking about their reusable cards? Starbucks may soon find out. The Seattle-based coffee chain is introducing a reusable cup, one that looks just like its familiar paper cups, which it hopes will encourage consumers...

For Abercrombie CEO, jet-setting no brief affair

At a cost of $200,000 a year, you'd think the cabin crew of Abercrombie & Fitch's corporate jet could at least get to wear regular shoes. But no, flip-flops only. Even when the temperature falls below 50 degrees and they are forced to wear jackets over their low-slung jeans (jacket collars up, of course), the attendants must sport flip-flops.

For Abercrombie CEO, jet setting no brief affair

At a cost of $200,000 a year, you'd think the cabin crew of Abercrombie & Fitch’s corporate jet could at least get to wear regular shoes. But no, flip-flops only. Even when the temperature falls below 50 degrees and they are forced to wear jackets over their low-slung jeans, (jacket collars up, of course), and the attendants must sport flip-flops.

When choosing means losing time

On a recent trip to a popular local pottery shop – the kind of place where everything is made on the premises by hand – I was faced with an unexpected dilemma: Which two of the ceramic birds should I...

This Mother's Day, say it with plastic?

Every year we spend billions of dollars trying to find a way to thank our mothers for labor pains and unconditional love, but it turns out our primary display of affection may be hurting the greatest mother of them all. Talking about Mother Nature, of course. She provides the flowers we purchase for our own mothers every year.

Kroger's prescription for phone relief

Anyone who regularly goes to the pharmacy knows that the sound of a ringing phone is as prevalent as the rattle of bottled pills. Now Kroger Co.

Are Best Buy's best days behind it?

The news that Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn left the company yesterday created quite a stir across Wall Street and the retail sector. It may also have consumers looking forward to the days when Best Buy was the deserved sweetheart...

Can Penney's squareness lead to loyalty?

Being fair and being loyal are not the same thing. But can one engender the other? The question hit me when reviewing J.C.

Ford's options – when stock revs up workers

As a former shareholder of Ford Motor Co. who benefited handsomely from my two-year investment, I should not be one to criticize the payouts enjoyed by the automaker's CEO. But Ford's autoworkers are a different matter, and chances are they'll...

Kroger's loyalty plan is fuel for thought

The Kroger Co., the largest traditional supermarket chain in the country, is preparing to release its fourth-quarter and annual earnings March 1, and the results will have as much to do with filled carts as filled gas tanks. The Cincinnati-based...

Building loyalty the Hsieh way

Perhaps it has something to do with our general fondness for footwear and do-goodery, because when it comes to delivering a positive image, walks pretty tall even if the headlines are bad. recently announced that it was the...

Life (and Honda) moves pretty fast

Matthew Broderick gave us a time-out during the Super Bowl, and for a middle-aged, recession-weary public, the timing couldn't have been better. Broderick, if you haven't heard, is reviving Ferris Bueller, the school-cutting, life-loving teen of the 1986 movie. It...

My rich best friend, Apple

Apple Inc. posted its largest quarterly profit ever on Jan.

The world would like to buy a Coke

Might as well keep that Coca-Cola on ice. The tallies are in, and the Real Thing is the real deal when it comes to world's best brand – again. According to Interbrand's annual Best Global Brands report, Coca-Cola once more tops the charts as the word's most valuable, and recognized, brand.

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