U.S. retailer sued by British retailer for product design infringement

Burberry claims J.C. Penney is using its check design illegally.

Young valentines spend more than older lovers on Valentine’s Day

It’s rewarding to be young or in love with someone younger when Valentine’s Day comes around.

CVS enjoys robust profit, revenue growth thanks to acquisition strategy

Buying Target's pharmacy business and a pharmacy distributor is paying off for retail pharma powerhouse.

Report: 2016 will deliver healthy sales growth for retail sector

Cheap gas, more jobs and consumer confidence will lead to robust retail sales in 2016.

Retailers failing on customer service when it comes to email support, claims study

One in three retailers don’t respond to customer service emails and the lack of response is likely impacting consumer loyalty and shopper satisfaction.

Total Wine & More stakes new location in California

The nation’s biggest wine retailer is staking a claim in the Bay area, opening a huge retail outlet in Fremont, California.

Retailers must embrace the mobile consumer to boost sales, increase loyalty

Nearly half of all retail shopping activity involves some sort of mobile and it’s more than half when it is millennials doing the shopping.

Sears looking to cut costs, close stores and possibly sell off auto business

The holiday season was a challenging time for Sears Holdings thanks to warmer than usual temperatures that hindered winter clothing sales and "intense competition pressuring margins."

Study: Cheapest price may not always win over the consumer

Consumers care about price but they also care about the quality of a retailer.

Warm winter makes for chilly financials for fashion retail icon

Ralph Lauren's financials suffer along with fellow retailers thanks to sluggish winter season clothing sales activity.

Warm temps put a big chill on Kohl's earnings

Warm weather is one reason Kohl's doesn't expect to make shareholders happy later this month.

Walmart aims to brand its future gas stations

Mega retailer will brand new gas station operations going forward in a quest for a consistent customer experience.

BlackHawk Network snares NimbleCommerce to expand prepaid, gift card service portfolio

Prepaid and payment network payer Blackhawk Network is buying NimbleCommerce, which lets retailers manage repaid offer and gift card programs.

Michael Kors sales makes shareholders happy but 2016 outlook dims a bit

Fashion brand Michael Kors enjoyed a robust holiday sales season and shareholders are happy with the news.

Amazon plans to open hundreds of bookstores, claims mall operator

The top U.S. e-commerce player is supposedly looking to take a deep dive in the brick-and-mortar environment.

Airlines bring back snacks, expand entertainment to boost customer experience

After a decade of pulling free snacks off flights airlines are bringing back goodies in a quest to boost the traveler's flying experience.

Report: Product price fast giving way to customer experience focus

Companies are increasingly focusing on customer experience rather than product price when it comes to the competitive retail segment.

Consumers expect top-tier service and will take leave if retailers fail to deliver

Consumers still favor the in-store shopping environment but true optimization from the trend isn’t going to happen for retailers unless customer experience is the best it can be.

Free Webinar: Experts discuss how restaurants can use the Internet of Things to win customers

To clear up confusion and demonstrate how restaurants can use IoT to help reach customers, FastCasual.com and VMOB recently hosted a free webinar now available for download.

Amazon mulling subscription music service, earnings call today

Amazon is supposedly looking to launch a brand-new music subscription service that would go head-to-head with Apple Music and Spotify, according to a news report.

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