Article discusses 3 ways to make showrooming an opportunity

Dec. 12, 2012

One-in-five consumers are now showrooming, according to new research by Aprimo/Teradata and Forrester Research, which revealed that 96 percent of those surveyed said they plan to use their smartphone to research prices the same way or more in the future. 

Here are three ways retailers can help retailers win the showrooming challenge, according to

Harness the Power of Multi-Channel: An IAM survey found that 73 percent of consumers said they have used their mobile phones in a store. Retailers should leverage the power of the mobile phone and tablets through a multi-channel strategy. Take this opportunity to send location-based messages via text, email, or push notifications to their mobile phones.

Don't Try to Fight Showrooming: A number of retailers have recently launched their own mobile apps to create incentives for in-store browsing and subsequent purchases. The argument can be made that apps make a shopper's experience richer, but showroomers are savvy consumers and apps can be skeptically viewed as an attempt to push branded content and products as consumers seek more complete and unbiased information. Mobile websites can make comparisons easier. 

Get Creative with "Point-of-Decision" Mobile Marketing Tactics: If a customer is comparing prices, make it plainly obvious via both the in-store and online channels that you will meet a competitor’s price. If price match does not provide enough differentiation, then go beyond your competitors by improving your customers'experience with some added value options. 

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