Blogger: The future of fashion is tech

Nov. 1, 2012

A retail analyst on the blog Vision Mobile highlighted some trends around the latest buzzwords in the industry: "fashion tech."

Here a few of the talking points:

  • Apps entering the fashion industry: Mobile app innovations will have a huge impact on retail over the next few years. From launching basic websites that have been rendered to fit most smartphones to developing more sophisticated native apps, designed to leverage each functionality of the specific operating systems, the trend continues.
  • Opportunities for developers: The window of opportunity is now wide open; developers can still get an early mover advantage if they come up with simple ways they can help retailers add value. High street brands, such as Forever 21 and Jigsaw, through to luxury labels like Chanel are driving this forward with the creation of highly engaging mobile websites and apps.
  • One size doesn't fit all: One issue that keeps popping up as a major barrier to shopping for clothes and shoes online is the question of size and fit. The fact that sizes are not standard across all brands contributes to a high percentage of returns – an extremely expensive issue for all online retailers. Tommy Hilfiger has started using the "augmented reality" concept to launch its own augmented reality fitting room, allowing users to superimpose images of clothing onto themselves using the phone’s camera.

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