Card data from Target breach used in counterfeit card spending spree

Jan. 30, 2014

A Mexican man and woman arrested early this week on charges of credit- and debit-card fraud were carrying 100 counterfeit cards striped with data stolen in the Target data breach, arresting officials said.

An anonymous federal official who was described as being "close to the matter" said the data was unrelated to the breach, a report by FierceRetail said. But in a Monday press conference, McAllen, Texas, Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said that the data had, in fact, originated from the holiday season malware attack that siphoned some 110,000 card records from Target computer servers.

"It quickly became obvious to us … it was part of a data set that was involved in what we call now the Target data breach," Rodriguez told reporters.

Suspicions were raised about Daniel Dominguez Guardiola and Mary Carmen Vaquera Garcia, both of Monterrey, Mexico, when the two went on a spending spree that included the purchase of thousands of dollars worth of high-end electronics equipment. Authorities contacted the Secret Service, which is now involved in the investigation.

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