ComQi adds interactive engagement features to retail digital signage

March 24, 2014

New high-impact interactive features designed to drive product awareness and boost sales are now being rolled out to retailers and brands through ComQi's EnGage shopper engagement technology platform, according to an announcement from ComQi.

Enhancements to the cloud-based in-store digital CMS platform power everything from video content launched by RFID tags on products, to content controlled and integrated with shoppers' smartphones, the company said.

"Shopper engagement is absolutely central when we release new features to our EnGage digital signage platform," ComQi President Americas and Chief Revenue Officer Stuart Armstrong said in the announcement. "These latest features add even more depth to a platform that [is] focused on engaging shoppers in the retail environment, and driving up sales and conversion ratios."

The new enhancements enable:

  • Triggered product videos - When featured merchandising areas have screens, they can be made interactive for shoppers, using low-cost RFID sensors and tags or simple GPIO switches. For example, moving a specific product instantly triggers a targeted video about it.
  • Pop-up product details - Barcode scanners located near in-store digital displays provide shoppers with key product lookup details, including price, using a semitransparent pop-up window that doesn't interrupt the primary video loop on the in-store screen.
  • Video on demand - Sales associates can interrupt a regularly scheduled playlist to show and control product videos displayed on a digital signage screen using their smartphone or tablet. EnGage tools allow store staff to choose from a list of videos to play, pause, rewind and fast-forward content on demand.
  • App-free mobile engagement - Passport enable shoppers to communicate in real-time with in-store digital screens using their smartphones, without requiring a dedicated mobile apps. Tapping an NFC tag or scanning a QR code lets shoppers launch a browser-based gateway to product information, discounts and social media.
  • Whole-store takeover - Every screen in a retail zone or entire store can be switched to a single message, such as a flash sale. Timing for visually dominant messaging can be defined down to the second using EnGage, or done on demand in-store using a simple mechanical switch.
  • Social integration - Retailers can now blend relevant social streams — such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram — with their own messages on store screens.

"In-store digital in 2014 is so much more than just digital signage or mobile apps," Armstrong said. "ComQi has been focused on developing and delivering a range of tools that really 'walk the talk' about shopper engagement, on one unified, easily managed platform."

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