ComQi mobile apps get in touch with digital signage

Jan. 19, 2012

ComQi, global multichannel message management provider, has announced the launch of five new place-based mobile applications interacting with digital signage displays in a retail venue. Powered by ComQi's Interaction Manager, these mobile apps include Voting, Information and Couponing, Group Buying, Quizzes, and Games.

In today's market, retailers need to provide new ways to keep customers engaged and entertained while in the store, and to stay in contact with them after they leave, ComQi said. The company's new mobile experiences are intended to "empower the consumer and enable them to enter into a dialog with both brands and retailers by linking their mobile phone to digital signage and social media."

ComQi CEO Ajay Chowdhury said, "ComQi's Interaction Manager enables marketers to engage with customers at the point of influence. These new applications enable brands and retailers to engage in a conversation with their customers on the go, establishing and reinforcing a relationship complemented by social networks. ComQi's innovative platform enables retailers to improve their brand image, customer satisfaction and customer retention."

Consumers can connect to the Interaction Manager platform with their smartphones through a variety of means on the screen — using a textual URL, a QR Code, via NFC — or any combination of the three.

The Interaction Manager offers many different connected experiences to the consumers, ComQi said in its announcement, including sharing thoughts and opinions in an interactive way through a Voting App, receiving coupons and discounts on specific products, or participating in a game or a contest within the venue in order to enhance the store's atmosphere.

Read more about digital signage and mobile interactivity.

Topics: Digital Merchandising , Digital Signage , Digital Signage Audience Measurement , In-Store Media , Omnichannel / Multichannel

Companies: ComQi, Inc.

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