Consumer study investigates acceptance of retail tech

Jan. 9, 2013

WD Partners, a global retail design and development firm, released the results of a national consumer study conducted to gauge consumer awareness, usage and opinions on mobile technologies used in retail stores.

An excerpt from the study explains:

What we found surprised us: Participants revealed a high level of awareness and interest across the entire range of technology-driven retail experiences covered in the study, from Buy Online / Pickup In-Store (which appealed to 86 percent of participants), to Interactive Vending Machines of which 93 percent of respondents were aware).

Still, despite generally high levels of both appeal and awareness, respondents reported lower than expected usage for a number of these technologies. The likely reason is that retailers haven't yet implemented these technologies in-store – so their customers haven't had the opportunity to try them. But as our survey showed, demand is on the rise, so retailers need to catch up quickly.

The bottom line: Consumers want to move seamlessly across in-store, online and mobile shopping experiences. They seek tools and features that integrate product content and technologies mapped to their real-life needs for convenience, ease of use, access, and support.

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