Digby announces upgrades to mobile marketing platform

Jan. 6, 2014

Digby today announced the launch of several new upgrades to Localpoint, the company′s award-winning platform that facilitates consumer engagement in and around brick-and-mortar locations. According to the company, Localpoint now offers enhanced targeting based on opted-in consumer profile data, the ability to measure a campaign's success at driving foot traffic to retail stores and extended integration APIs that allow brands to leverage a consumer's presence across the enterprise.

New Localpoint capabilities include:

Profiles: Profiles takes location-based marketing one step further by linking the context and relevance of a location-sensitive message to key attributes of the person behind the device. Now marketers, such as those at Kohl's and Cabela's, can reach their most valuable customers not only at the right time and place, but with highly targeted, personalized content based on predetermined attributes such as favorite product category, gender, loyalty status, purchase history or store visit frequency.

Target Locations: Localpoint's new target locations feature offers marketers a clear view of the impact their campaigns have on a customer's path to purchase. Target locations completes the funnel analysis for a marketing campaign, associating a marketing message's call to action with a resulting visit to a targeted store nearby, providing insight into how marketing campaigns drive foot traffic to the store's front door.

Bridge: With Bridge, retailers and brands can seamlessly integrate Localpoint with other key systems such as marketing automation, offer management, CRM, POS, loyalty programs or e-commerce. Bridge makes it possible to coordinate location-marketing programs with existing marketing campaign systems, create a single view of the consumer across channels and even trigger cross-enterprise business processes, such as queuing a remote order for fulfillment or notifying an associate when a consumer enters a store or other location.

Enhanced Marketer's Console: Localpoint's web-based console for managing locations, campaigns, profiles and analytics has been rebuilt from the ground up. This redesign improves Localpoint's power, usability and flexibility across a variety of campaign management and marketing workflows for the enterprise customer.

"We look forward to expanding our mobile marketing strategy with Digby to include Profiles," said Andrea Grant, Director of Digital Marketing, Cabela's Inc. "This new release of the Localpoint platform will provide us the ability to more personally engage our most loyal Cabela's customers."

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