Fashion brand Boden puts focus on search and navigation for traditional and mobile e-commerce

March 1, 2012

SLI Systems has announced that Boden, a leading global retailer of men's, women's and children's apparel, has created a richer, more engaging online shopping experience with the company's full-service, dynamic search solution, supporting multiple languages across several countries' e-commerce sites.

Having worked with SLI to power the search of its U.K. site for several years, Boden recently turned to SLI's expert team to create the same shopping experience, with intuitive search as the focal point, for all of its international sites in the U.S., France, Austria and Germany — each in the specific country's own language.

Additionally, for both the U.S. and U.K. markets, Boden is using SLI Mobile to deliver consistent, seamless search for visitors to its mobile commerce sites. Boden has also implemented SLI's Rich Auto Complete feature, which automatically shows suggested search terms, and accompanying products, images and descriptions, based on a visitor's first few keystrokes when entering keyword terms in the search box. This feature makes it faster for Boden's visitors to find what they're looking for and significantly improves conversion rates.

"The fashion retail industry continues to outpace other retail sectors when it comes to online shopping and spending growth, which makes our e-commerce sites an important component of our overall business," said Paul Knutton, online project manager for Boden. "Our aim has always been to deliver a superior shopping experience on our websites, and we're now replicating the same experience for customers shopping on mobile devices. Working with SLI has been a key part of our multi-channel strategy and the consistent look and feel we offer has resulted in more customers staying loyal to our brand, which ultimately helps grow our bottom line."

Boden's efforts to bolster its international online presence and enhance Web-based shopping and browsing are largely in response to the continued growth the fashion e-retail sector has seen over the past several years, and which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. According to a research study conducted by the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), the online fashion retail sector has exponentially grown by 2,000 percent over the past decade since 2001, a rate that is expected to continue through 2012 and beyond.

Additionally, recent studies show that more and more consumers are not just researching products but actually making purchases on mobile devices — a trend that Boden and other retailers can't afford to ignore.

"Our mobile site is seeing more and more traffic, and the search box is used heavily by shoppers with smartphones and handheld devices," said Knutton. "We've determined that people who search stay on the mobile site longer, view more items, and also convert at a higher rate. Because of SLI's knowledge of best practices in both online and mobile site usability our e-commerce and mobile commerce sites are benefiting tremendously."

SLI's Rich Auto Complete also delivers an optimal search experience on Boden's various country sites, as customers who click on one of the suggested results automatically generated by the feature are much more likely to convert than visitors who either don't search or who bypass Rich Auto Complete's suggested terms. Boden is also integrating user ratings and reviews into the navigation experience in distinct ways, such as factoring in demographic data so shoppers can find reviews that are relevant to their own personal profiles.

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