JDA Software launches JDA Customer Engagement suite

Jan. 15, 2012

JDA Software Group Inc. today announced a new solution designed to improve and personalize the customer shopping experience, build consumer loyalty and drive profitability. According to the company, JDA Customer Engagement is a single solution that addresses omni-channel commerce and optimization logic in real time. It helps optimize not only how retailers deliver goods to customers, but also the alignment of real-time supply processes and inventory to effectively source those goods.

"The retail industry is at a critical juncture in its history. Consumers today — empowered with mobile technology — have instant access to information that shapes what they buy, when and where they buy it, and at what price," said Hamish Brewer, president and CEO, JDA Software. "These connected consumers determine which retail enterprises succeed and which fail. With JDA Customer Engagement we have developed a comprehensive approach to address this challenge now, in order to help retailers avoid becoming a victim in this rapidly changing retail environment."

JDA Customer Engagement is designed to help retailers profitably achieve customer-centricity in every interaction through the following key capabilities:

  • Omni-Channel Commerce: JDA Customer Engagement offers the ability to provide critical information to everyone who interacts with the omni-channel customer. The solution is designed to enable in-store associates real-time access to customer details, to understand cross-channel customer preferences and turn in-store visits into profitable, cross-channel customer engagements.
  • Profitable Promising: The profitable promising capabilities within JDA Customer Engagement help shape inventory utilization with days-of-supply calculations and profitability algorithms that ensure customer satisfaction. It offers visibility into what inventory is available in the store today and what will be available tomorrow, fulfilling customer needs for immediacy while improving profitability and consumer engagement opportunities.
  • Allocated Inventory Optimization: Delivering profitable promises requires both an understanding of real-time demand shifts and customer profitability, and the capability to respond strategically and dynamically to changes. Driven initially from the intended forecast for different channels and promotions, allocation optimization evaluates when inventory and demand shifts warrant changes in execution. This capability, designed to automate the alignment of inventory to customer demand in real time, is enabled by JDA's patented allocated available-to-promise technology, successfully developed for a manufacturing environment and now optimized for retail.
  • Customer Order Management: Support for expanded customer touchpoints demands an order orchestration workflow flexible enough to support process steps that are configurable by interaction point as well as by fulfillment method. JDA Customer Engagement helps retailers avoid costly system replacements in favor of a configurable order lifecycle management tool designed specifically for the omni-channel environment.
  • Cross-Channel Price Execution: Cross-channel retailing requires the ability to develop consistent cross-channel pricing strategies that support growing promotional complexity and diverse delivery mechanisms. JDA Customer Engagement offers pricing capabilities that consider customer profitability and support multi-dimensional pricing rules, including rules for business-to-business and loyalty environments.

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