Meijer giving shoppers free Wi-Fi

Jan. 22, 2014

Digital coupon use is at an all-time high at Meijer, with more than 2 million Meijer shoppers now subscribed to its free mPerks program — and now the retailer said it has made significant investments to make digital savings easier for its customers.

The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer announced it now has free Wi-Fi capability in all its stores, making it easier for customers to access their mPerks accounts and the Meijer mobile app, freeing up their smartphone data plans for other uses.

"Our customers are relying on digital tools more than ever as they shop, which is why we're constantly providing them with resources to enhance their shopping experience," Michael Ross, vice president of customer marketing and emerging technology, said in the announcement. "And, now with free Wi-Fi in our stores, we're offering an additional cost savings because our customers no longer have to use their data plans while shopping."

Growth in the retailer's mPerks digital coupon program has been steep, surpassing 2 million subscribers last month — just one year after hitting the 1 million subscriber milestone. In December alone, the program generated more than 129,000 new members, nearly 31 million clipped offers, and $12.6 million in savings issued to customers. The program has a redemption rate up to four times higher than the national average, the chain said.

The retailer said it attributes the program's success to a variety of recent enhancements, including a new mPerks website; personalized, baby and pharmacy rewards; and offers bundled by theme that have created new ways for the customer to save.

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