Oakley rolls out magnetic signage system

Sept. 26, 2010

Visual Magnetics, developer of the Visual Magnetics Graphic System, today announced that Oakley, Inc. has used its system to reinvent the way it creates and installs in-store signage. The new method of display enabled by the Visual Magnetics Graphic System has allowed Oakley to cut shipping costs associated with in-store signage by more than 50 percent, and achieve greater flexibility in changing out promotional graphics.

Visual Magnetics’ system is a unique large-scale graphics solution that matches magnetic-receptive technologies with high-quality print media to enable the creation of in-store graphics that can be updated effortlessly. Unlike traditional printable magnets, which are difficult to print on and cut, and require a steel base for installation, the Visual Magnetics Graphic System offers a patented, non-metal based media option that is flexible and smooth, easily printable, and can be applied on virtually any surface.

The Visual Magnetics system components include MagnaMedia magnetic-receptive papers and films, and InvisiLock magnet technology, which may be applied to virtually any surface, incorporated into frames and fixtures, or simply mounted directly to a wall. Once InvisiLock is applied, users can easily roll graphics printed on any MagnaMedia to achieve instant, high-quality signage and graphics. Visual Magnetics’ MagnaMedia is so thin that when combined with the properties of the InvisiLock magnet, it is possible to create layerable graphics to update images instantly for specific promotions, without the use of frames, fasteners or adhesives.

Oakley began using the Visual Magnetics system in 2005, when the retailer selected it to replace its traditionally printed and mounted foam board cash wrap displays. Oakley applied InvisiLock to 4’ by 8’ inset back frames located behind the cash registers in its Oakley and Oakley Vault retail outlets, and from then on, simply changed out the faces with new MagnaMedia–printed signage as the company’s graphic assets were updated. Installation of MagnaMedia is easy — users simply unroll the media onto the surface. According to Oakley concept development manager Philip Gordon, the company began realizing enormous benefits from the system almost immediately.

“Before using Visual Magnetics, every time we had an asset update, we were sending shipments to each store that weighed 60 pounds or more,” said Gordon. “With Visual Magnetics, because we only need to swap out the faces of the display, we can just roll the graphics up and ship them like paper. We started seeing enormous savings on shipping costs right away.”

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