OfferPipe simplifies mobile card-linked offers

April 2, 2014

TranSend, a provider of infrastructure software to the payments industry, has announced the launch of OfferPipe, a new mobile card-linked offers marketing service. According to the company, OfferPipe helps small- and medium-sized businesses tap into large new audiences through mobile advertising placements and personalized offers on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media outlets.

Retailers can quickly and easily publish digital promotions using their existing point-of-sale devices. These offers are relayed to digital ad exchanges, which instantly redistribute them to mobile publishers to reach the right consumers at the right times in the right places through geolocation. Consumers link payment cards with OfferPipe to take advantage of instant discounts at the time of purchase.

OfferPipe is accessible to merchants through a nationwide network of payment processors and independent sales organizations that provide credit card services and equipment. Processing organizations deploying TranSend’s RevChip POS software can immediately activate mobile card-linked marketing services across their merchant portfolios.

Merchants are able to set up and distribute card-linked marketing promotions in minutes without onsite installation or a help desk call. Once embedded in a merchant portfolio, OfferPipe helps processors and ISOs achieve higher merchant retention rates and increase revenues at a time when industry profits are being seriously impacted by transactional price compression.

"Card-linked marketing programs are the next big revenue opportunity for the payments industry," said Terrence Crowley, CEO of TranSend. "It's interesting that merchant profitability for acquirers and ISOs is often measured in tens of dollars per month, when merchants spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars monthly on marketing. With OfferPipe, merchant sales reps can have a different conversation. Payment services can now be viewed by business owners as a profit center, adding to top line income, rather than just being looked at as an expense."

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