Pursway announces patented purchase influence tech

March 4, 2014

Big data analytics firm Pursway has announced the availability of its purchase influence targeting tools, MyPIVO (Purchase Influence Value Order), fastPIVO and Connect. MyPIVO, its new dashboard, gives marketers a novel way to view and understand their customers' real-life relationships and sales influence, the company said in a press release.

Pursway's subscription-based scoring tools give marketers insight into the friendships, connections and potential influence of existing customer and prospect pools to better target marketing messages, drive significant sales spikes and increase the ROI of any data-driven marketing campaign.

"MyPIVO gives my team an easy way to quickly visualize and understand how to improve our data-driven marketing campaigns by better targeting the customers who will not only buy, but also cause a domino effect of purchases throughout their full sphere of friendships and real-life connections," said Jeremy Lyons, senior manager of CRM at Sony. "Anyone who takes this 'smart' marketing approach should see better response rates, especially if they are reallocating traditional media budgets to smart email marketing."

Pursway combines information from the open web about real-life connections (e.g., alumni events, conference attendees, work history) and proprietary customer databases to power smart targeting that provides a lift of two to five times for every marketing campaign, the company said. The tool was developed by ex-IDF (Israeli Defense Force) intelligence officers who spent years building data-mining software focused on identifying influential relationships between people.

The company was also awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its fastPIVO technology. The patent (U.S. Pat. No. 8650131) covers Pursway's process for creating a social network based on retail or credit card transactions.

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