RFID pilot a success at Colombian electronics chain

Sept. 11, 2012

Colombian electronics chain Grupo Éxito announced the results of its major pilot study that tested the effectiveness of RFID tags for tracking merchandise. 

The pilot involved placing EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh frequency RFID tags on every item in the store to determine if the technology could improve traceability and reduce shrinkage by following items from distribution to point of sale, according to an article in the RFID Journal.

The pilot proved successful, showing a 60 percent reduction in losses, a 76 percent reduction in labor costs associated with receiving goods at the store, as well as a 93 percent decrease in the cost of conducting inventory counts on 250 selected items. 

"We've seen that this technology works," said Luis Fernando Castañeda, Grupo Éxito's head of loss prevention, in the article. "Economically, it is viable, but we have to work with our suppliers so that they put the [RFID] labels on the products. RFID has incredible potential, but we need to work together." 

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