STRATACACHE makes its play for retail digital signage

Jan. 21, 2013

STRATACACHE, a provider of scalable, high-performance digital signage, content distribution and enterprise video acceleration technologies, recently launched a new interactive digital signage solution that it claims will empower customers to become more involved in the shopping experience.

Unveiled at The National Retail Federation Retail's BIG Show in New York City, STRATACACHE's Digital Play solution displays high-definition, interactive product and brand messages programmed to respond when a consumer interacts with sales and marketing content via motion-based gestures.

Designed for consumers of all ages to activate with the wave of a hand or stomp of a foot, retailers can promote products and interact with customers all along the path-to-purchase, the company said. The Digital Play experience engages consumers to interact with featured messaging, increasing customer recall five to seven times more than a standard digital sign, according to STRATACACHE.

The Digital Play solution has four different available experiences:

  • Gestural Interactive Floor - displays content projected onto a 6-by-8-foot area on the floor that creates an "attract zone" in key retail locations.
  • Gestural Interactive Wall - displays content onto a two-by-two, three-by-three or four-by-four video wall of 46-inch high-definition displays or wall projection technology.
  • Augmented Reality - engages consumers by overlaying graphics onto a real-world image, helping consumers envision products and make the purchase decision easier. AR is for use with the floor projection or wall displays.
  • Virtual Reality - displays products or services within a virtual environment, using graphics to enhance and contextualize a scene or product. VR is for use with floor projection or wall displays.

"Transforming evasive consumers into engaged shoppers is the goal of any retailer," CEO Chris Riegel said in announcing the new solution. "With STRATACACHE Digital Play, we are revolutionizing the way consumers interact with a brand while facilitating a better shopping experience."

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