Study: 38% of Americans have chucked checks

March 4, 2014

Asked how often they write personal checks, the most common response among Americans is "never" (37.8 percent), followed by "several times a month" (25.6 percent), "a few times a year" (20.5 percent), and "once a month" (16.1 percent). This according to the latest poll from GoBankingRates.

"Age played a big part in check-writing frequency," said GoBankingRates managing editor Casey Bond. "This suggests that as older bank customers continue to adopt online and mobile alternatives, we'll see a comparable decline in the use of traditional checking features like personal checks."

Among the survey highlights: 

  • the youngest respondents polled, 18–24-year-olds, were most likely never to write checks;
  • older respondents were more likely than younger ones to write checks several times a month;
  • men were more likely than women never to write checks; and
  • all respondents who reported making $150,000 or more annually said they write checks several times a month.

"Increased convenience and adoption of online banking technologies are the largest factors reducing the number of checks being written today," said Kyle Kolsky, SVP and head of consumer deposits at Bank of Internet. "Younger consumers rely on debit card transactions or person-to-person money transfer services and may never write a check, similar to consumer behavior in Europe."

Polling of 1,501 participants was conducted through Google Consumer Surveys from Feb. 19–21. Full study results are available at the GoBankingRates website.

Topics: Consumer Behavior , Payments

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