Survey: Shoppers desire mobile personalization

April 23, 2013

Symphony EYC announced the results of a survey that found both Americans and Europeans desire mobile interactions as part of their overall grocery shopping experience.

The poll identified the following three key shopping trends, according to Symphony EYC:

  • Personalization- Shoppers want to be recognized when they walk into a store, receive individualized offers and manage retail loyalty programs via their mobiles.
  • Mobile Services- Majority of shoppers want to use their mobiles to compare prices in-store, locate products and provide feedback.
  • Mobile Shopping- Despite thirst for mobile services, very few shoppers are actually using their mobiles to buy groceries.

"While American and European grocery shoppers differ in how they are interacting with their grocers, the majority would like to enhance their in-store shopping experience with mobile services," said Ellen Dixon, global SVP of marketing for Symphony EYC. "In particular, shoppers want to be able to use their mobile devices to locate specific products within the store, to compare prices with those elsewhere and to provide feedback and suggestions on grocery assortments."

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