Target and Neiman Marcus partnership dissapoints shoppers

Jan. 2, 2013

Internet chatter is rampant in regards to the recent flop of Neiman Marcus's collection for Target. A recent article on cited comments from the blogospere that called the collection hideous, cheaply made, overpriced and out of touch.

Shoppers were also confused by the kind of merchandise the collection offered. Dishes and dog collars by Oscar de la Renta and yoga mats by Diane von Furstenberg did not appeal to the Target shopper, the article reported.

For the most part, however, experts say that the collection exuded an out-of-touch, let-them-eat-cake worldview that turned off budget-conscious shoppers. Retail analyst Jim McComb told the Pioneer Press, "The selection of merchandise confused me... the things they were offering were not the kinds that are going to fly off the shelf."

Or as one blogger put it: "What the hell are you thinking, Neiman Marcus, partnering with Target? Neiman is high-end and endless class," blogger Kate Concannon of, wrote back in July when news of the collaboration surfaced. "I get it, you want to make the Neiman Marcus brand obtainable to everyone in America ... but the fun about Neiman is ... it ISN'T obtainable."

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