The Children's Place sends hyper-personalized emails with CQuotient

Feb. 25, 2013

CQuotient today unveiled its algorithm-based technology that enables retailers to send digital communications to individual customers. By harnessing big data from customer touchpoints, CQuotient creates a predictive portrait for each individual, resulting in automated emails that are hyper-personalized for each recipient, the company said in an announcement.

The technology is now in use at The Children's Place, a pure-play children's specialty apparel retailer in North America.

"We use CQuotient to surface data-driven insights about our customers," said Mike Dupuis, vice president of e-commerce at The Children's Place. "CQuotient is helping us by understanding more about them as individuals, enabling us to more accurately predict future behavior and tailor messages. CQuotient makes this easy for us to execute, and we like the results."

CQuotient founder and CEO Rama Ramakrishnan noted how the process can turn a marketing tool such as email blasts into a customer service differentiator.

"Retail is a tough business and is only getting more competitive with the growing might of Amazon, the rise of showrooming and the ubiquity of smartphones," said Ramakrishnan. "Retailers are already making thousands of decisions a day to entice customers — price changes, new receipts, promotions, etc. The key is surfacing the specific enticements that are most relevant to an individual customer. In this way, your marketing can become a customer service, not a promotion. This is what CQuotient does, and the demonstrated increases in both engagement and revenue prove that it works."

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