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Three things you need to know about Amazon's price strategyBy Jenn Markey VP of marketing for 360pi The retail world has been abuzz with news of Amazon's price dynamism. So, what do retailers really need to know about Amazon's pricing? 1. Amazon does make millions of price changes daily. In March 2014, …
Upstream Commerce has announced its Dynamic Pricer, which provides retailers the capability to automatically control and change their pricing in real time based on rules the retailer determines. "In today's hyper-competitive market, with product …
Three steps to retail loyalty programs that connect with customersWe all know that loyalty programs are popular with customers, but when it comes to why a customer shops with a particular brand, the loyalty program is actually fairly far down the list of reasons for why a customer engages. A recent COLLOQUY survey …
Earlier this week, Target announced a massive expansion of its Target Subscriptions program, which debuted quietly in September. Initially limited to baby-related products, the service allowed customers to designate certain items for recurring …
Why in-queue merchandising matters (infographic)By Perry Kuklin, Lavi Industries In-queue merchandising is, essentially, a waiting line comprised of stanchions, racks, baskets, signage and other accessories designed to create displays that present products for sale. Besides the physical products, …
Global retail technology firm Omnico Group has released results from its latest national primary research campaign revealing that consumers are increasingly using an omni-channel approach to shop, adding pressure to retailers to embrace technology …
Pulsate announced it has launched an end-to-end marketing platform for the physical world. The startup provides a cloud platform and its own micro-context iBeacons that allow companies to turbocharge customer engagement, according to a press release.…
The saying goes that you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, but this year coloring a dozen eggs may crack your budget. The price of eggs is at a historical high, thanks in particular to international demand, according to TheStreet.com. A …
Outspoken, a B2C mobile messaging company, has announced the expansion of its mobile marketing platform to support the Apple Passbook application. According to the company, Outspoken's clients will now be able to send passes, including coupons, gift …
Warmer spring weather spurred continued consumer spending and activity this March. According to the National Retail Federation, March retail sales, which exclude automobiles, gas stations and restaurants, increased 0.8 percent adjusted month-to-…
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Rare is the retailer that can simply open its doors and the world beats a path. More often, store traffic is the result of careful and deliberate marketing efforts, aimed at making customers want to shop. It's an enormous part of the retail business, and one that requires constant attention and honing.

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