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Whether you're operating on an e-commerce platform, in a store or both, you will improve your retail business when you pay attention to key facts and stats about online shopping. The thing is, today's customer rarely walks into a store and makes a …
Speed and quality: Must they be mutually exclusive?Speed vs quality: Which is more important to your customers? And what impact does each of them have on the customer experience? Without quality, the experience may as well not exist. It doesn't take long for customers to realize you're not …
Three steps to retail loyalty programs that connect with customersWe all know that loyalty programs are popular with customers, but when it comes to why a customer shops with a particular brand, the loyalty program is actually fairly far down the list of reasons for why a customer engages. A recent COLLOQUY survey …
With more than 9,000 stores at its peak, Blockbuster enjoyed a competitive advantage that no rival could duplicate. But with the ease and convenience of online shopping, Blockbuster's greatest asset soon became its greatest liability. Unable to keep …
Global retail technology firm Omnico Group has released results from its latest national primary research campaign revealing that consumers are increasingly using an omni-channel approach to shop, adding pressure to retailers to embrace technology …
Temkin Group has released new research, "Consumer Channel and Cross-Channel Benchmark, 2014." The report identifies which channels consumers prefer to use for a wide variety of interactions and also examines the frequency of common cross-channel …
A retailer's customer experience checklistBy Eric Feinberg Senior director of product strategy for ForeSee Merchandise? Check. Customers? Check. Customer-centric strategies? Now that's an item that's a little bit trickier to address. Although they may be harder to tick off in a simple box, …
The saying goes that you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, but this year coloring a dozen eggs may crack your budget. The price of eggs is at a historical high, thanks in particular to international demand, according to TheStreet.com. A …
A recent poll by marketing research firm GfK reveals that almost nine out of 10 (88 percent) U.S. consumers are at least "a little" concerned about the privacy of their personal data. One in three consumers also reports being directly impacted by …
When it comes to loyalty marketing, sometimes less really is moreLet's play a game. Ask your fellow executives to name (without looking) those perks that your customers perceive to be the top five benefits of your loyalty program. Next, have them list the rest of the benefits your program offers. Could they …
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Shopping is about more than just buying things. It's a complex relationship between buyer and seller, one that impacts the shopper on a psychological level. Understanding the mental processes behind customer behavior will give you a better chance of successfully reaching those customers.

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