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Creating a differentiated experience that customers actually enjoyBy Dr. Gary Edwards Typically, whenever someone starts talking about the best ways to create a differentiated customer experience, the things they list are not distinct from their competitors in the least. Instead, they are common practices that …
What are you looking for: The cure or the story?Seth Godin is one of the most prolific writers and users of social media on this planet. He also writes very catchy headlines, like this one that caught my eye: "The cure or the story?" Turns out that Godin was able to describe the situational …
Staff drama can have a negative impact on morale, the customer experience, and sales results. Unfortunately, retail is essentially a petri dish for drama. Lots of downtime and working with a small group of people, many the same age and/or sex, can …
Do you ever get the feeling that some business' customer service goal is the keep the customer from coming back? Sometimes, it is an employee's lousy attitude that makes you feel unwelcome and unwanted. Or perhaps it is some other type of poor …
The National Retail Federation today announced it will host its second Virtual Career Fair, designed to connect students and young professionals seeking entry-level careers and internships with leading retailers. Recruiters from companies including …
How to make a better wireless store experienceBy Christopher Krywulak President and CEO, iQmetrix Consumer expectations of wireless carriers continue to rise, in terms of coverage, pricing of devices and plans — and also in terms of the in-store customer experience. The key word in the …
What retailers can learn from the hospitality industryBy Dr. Gary Edwards Chief Customer Officer, Mindshare Technologies I recently bought a new house, a purchase that of course has been accompanied by several trips to home improvement retailers. Despite going to the same retailer, each trip was …
Three ways retailers should prepare for the 'Internet of Things'By Duke Chung Co-founder, Parature We're experiencing a paradigm shift toward the Internet of Things, where all the devices we use on a regular basis are becoming smarter and more connected. According to Gartner, "The Internet of Things (IoT), which …
"What if I train my retail employees, and then they leave?" It seems like every time I hear from a manager who's trying to talk themselves out of retail sales training, they come around to this line of thinking. They're afraid of spending the time …
Six questions to get actionable feedback from customersBy Jeannie Walters Who can deny that gathering feedback (not just plain old generic "rate our service" feedback, but actionable customer feedback) is crucial to providing excellent service? However, it can be very difficult to actually go looking …
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Retail employees are on the front lines of the battle; their abilities to take care of your customers often makes the difference between success and failure. Training those employees properly is one of the most important things a retailer ever does.

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