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Interbrand released its Most Valuable Retail Brands list for 2013 and the U.S. section is topped by the largest retailer on the planet — Walmart. There were some notable shifts in the U.S. top 10, but the top three brands held their positions. …
Canadian pharmacy chain Medicine Shoppe Canada has begun establishing a digital signage network that connects their pharmacies across Canada and presents value-added health care information to patients and customers, according to a company …
Walgreens wants to be known as more than just a pharmacy. In a recent article on Forbes, CEO Gregory Wasson explained how the chain is moving beyond the traditional look of a drugstore with its Well Experience concept that emphasizes fresh food, …
Walgreens has begun the roll out of new store designs at select locations across the country with self-service kiosks touted as a tool to improve customer service at the pharmacy. The Walgreens Express Rx is a touchscreen kiosk that enables patients …
Walgreens opened its 8,000th location this past weekend in Los Angeles. The flagship features offerings not typical at drug stores, such as a fresh sushi bar, high-end wines and a barista-attended coffee bar. The store also touts a "state of the art"…
The Johnson Redbook Index, an indicator of performance in U.S. retail sales, released figures yesterday showing that national chain-store sales fell 1.6 percent in the first four weeks of October compared to the same period in September — but …
Expect some serious backlash against Walgreens when this story goes viral: Josefina Hernandez was an 18-year employee of the retailer, at the company's South San Francisco location. Hernandez is diabetic, and felt a hypoglycemic attack coming on. …
CVS taking heat for length of store receiptsThe following is an excerpt from a recent conversation on RetailWire, with comments from its panel of contributors. As retail controversies go, longer sales receipts are probably not one of the bigger ones. It also isn't an issue about a single …
Walgreens today officially unveiled its new store brand Nice! in stores across the country. According to the company, the new brand will include more than 400 high quality grocery and household products at prices up to 30 percent below other …
Walgreens plans to offer electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at approximately 800 locations across the country by the end of the year, making it the nation's largest retail host. The company's neighborhood stores will provide convenient …
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