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Walls and Forms Inc. has introduced exterior cart retail merchandising units designed for outdoor concessions. According to the company, these exterior RMU carts have features including 14 GA electro-galvanized construction with a UV-rated powder …
With more than 9,000 stores at its peak, Blockbuster enjoyed a competitive advantage that no rival could duplicate. But with the ease and convenience of online shopping, Blockbuster's greatest asset soon became its greatest liability. Unable to keep …
Why in-queue merchandising matters (infographic)By Perry Kuklin, Lavi Industries In-queue merchandising is, essentially, a waiting line comprised of stanchions, racks, baskets, signage and other accessories designed to create displays that present products for sale. Besides the physical products, …
Pulsate announced it has launched an end-to-end marketing platform for the physical world. The startup provides a cloud platform and its own micro-context iBeacons that allow companies to turbocharge customer engagement, according to a press release.…
Why certification mattersAmong the many considerations buyers should bring to the table when selecting a designer and manufacturer for their next cart or kiosk are the certifications the company has earned. An analogy from the consumer world is the NHTSA safety rating. That'…
Bang & Olufsen has unveiled its first newly redesigned store concept in North America at the new Madison Avenue showroom in New York. According to the company, the new store design is significant as it presents "a breakthrough retail concept …
Traditional merchandising in the age of self-serviceFor many people, the act of making an everyday purchase follows a similar pattern. They'll visit their favorite store, find the section carrying the product they are searching for, compare it to the two or three others at the same price point, make …
Creating a differentiated experience that customers actually enjoyBy Dr. Gary Edwards Typically, whenever someone starts talking about the best ways to create a differentiated customer experience, the things they list are not distinct from their competitors in the least. Instead, they are common practices that …
PGA TOUR Superstore has announced three new store openings in 2014 and a growth strategy that will more than double its current retail footprint, adding one million square feet of new golf retail space over the next five years. As part of its growth …
Modular construction and ROIIn my last post, we talked about a few of the advantages of integrating modular construction into building projects for retailers, foodservice operators and others. In essence, any company that may have a need to set up inside a larger existing …
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