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The next time consumers struggle to resist clearance sales, they could be taking a few tips from a Psychology Today blog that gives insight into the vulnerability against a bargain. In the blog, author Kit Yarrow, a professor of psychology and …
Retailers hoping to attract customers with the luring smells of the season should stay away from complex combinations of scents and stick with simple basics. According to spokesman.com, the simpler the smells, the more people buy. "A simple scent …
The anchoring effect, a psychological phenomenon describing the common human tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information offered when making decisions, is a sales person's secret weapon, according to an article on io9.com. Here's …
According to an article on The Daily Beast, this fall, for the first time since late 2007, the percentage of Americans who say their personal financial situation is better in the past year (38 percent) is greater than those who say they are worse …
Retail Customer Experience Executive Summit: Taking your customers on the ride of their livesThe power of positive energy was Bob Phibbs' message during the keynote speech at the Retail Customer Experience Executive Summit this week in Minnesota. "It comes down to a choice that we make because we can create good and bad energy," said Phibbs,…
According to NRF.com, a recent research study by Kurt Salmon, a global management consulting firm, says that consumers feel a personality connection to the stores they enjoy shopping in the most. Kurt Salmon's Retail Strategist Amy Klaris offers …
Will social media marketing... ... grow your business or bury it? As with anything that's in its infancy, there's a lot of buzz and excitement not to mention a plethora of self-proclaimed experts. Most claim that if you're not using social media …
Can pricing... ...help us gauge economic recovery? I believe that pricing is one of the strongest indicators of economic recovery. Why? Because it indicates sellers' confidence in the marketplace. Here are some recent reports to demonstrate that we'…
If you want leverage in a sales call... ...quit selling and start assessing. Salespeople often relinquish the decision making process to the buyer in a sales situation. How? By allowing buyers to operate under the perception that they are making the …
...that low-price strategies have a finite life. December 15, 2010 Bloomberg Businessweek reports that "Walmart managers in the U.S. received instructions to markup an average of 1,800 types of toys per store." The rationale? According to Bloomberg …
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Shopping is about more than just buying things. It's a complex relationship between buyer and seller, one that impacts the shopper on a psychological level. Understanding the mental processes behind customer behavior will give you a better chance of successfully reaching those customers.
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