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Can pricing... ...help us gauge economic recovery? I believe that pricing is one of the strongest indicators of economic recovery. Why? Because it indicates sellers' confidence in the marketplace. Here are some recent reports to demonstrate that we'…
If you want leverage in a sales call... ...quit selling and start assessing. Salespeople often relinquish the decision making process to the buyer in a sales situation. How? By allowing buyers to operate under the perception that they are making the …
...that low-price strategies have a finite life. December 15, 2010 Bloomberg Businessweek reports that "Walmart managers in the U.S. received instructions to markup an average of 1,800 types of toys per store." The rationale? According to Bloomberg …
Someone is training... ...and someone is being trained. I often tell my clients that in every human interaction one person is training another how to behave. The question is do you want to be the trainer or the trainee? They, all, want to be the …
...and to you. Several weeks ago I blasted Bank of America on its new policy of charging $8.95 if its customers used a teller anytime during the month or required printed statements. I suggested that, instead of establishing these penalties to …
I must admit I never saw this one coming. A December 6, 2010 Bloomberg Businessweek article, Wal-Mart Says It's Cooperating With China Government on Prices http://tinyurl.com/28sxlnp, shows another way that a low price strategy can bite you. …
Conventional wisdom or... ...common misconception? "I can't raise prices, the only thing that buyers care about is the price." That's the refrain I hear from audience after audience of business leaders today. Is that really true? Do customers only …
It was Small Business Saturday and I was on a mission, I would venture out to holiday shop. With this caveat: I refused to buy anything if the help didn't say anything to me. I was looking for a repeat Amanda experience. The first shop I entered, …
...when to buy. Now that we have, not one, but two Black Fridays from which to choose the question is "When should we buy?" In reality the question is more complex, isn't it? You know from experience that retailers continue to discount heavily …
...for using technology to irritate it's customers. Our home phone rings. I answer. It's an automated call from Express Scripts asking for my wife. She's not here. The voice asks if she's available. When I say "No." The voice tells me that the call …
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Shopping is about more than just buying things. It's a complex relationship between buyer and seller, one that impacts the shopper on a psychological level. Understanding the mental processes behind customer behavior will give you a better chance of successfully reaching those customers.
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