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Just how many bags of Tootsie Pops does Walmart sell every year? Soon, the world may know. For years, Walmart never shared its store sales data with the outside world. If it sold $800 million in Wheat Thins, that was its own proprietary info and no …
Well, it looks like cancer has been one-upped in the insidious department. Turns out that many companies that promote a cure for breast cancer are at the same time contributing to rising rates of the disease through the products they make. It is …
That value isn't necessarily derived from lower prices — though, of course, price is a strong loyalty motivator for consumers. As a giant retail leader that can compete on price better than any company thanks in large part to its economies of …
Retail analysts indicate that back-to-school ("BTS") sales are getting earlier this year – and probably the earliest ever. The National Retail Federation reported that consumers spent more than $55 billion on BTS shopping in 2010. USAToday …
We've known for a while that Safeway, North America's second largest grocery chain, has been on the right track when it comes to the Enterprise Loyalty journey towards data-driven customer-centricity. Its U.S.-based stores, for instance, are known …
In the "stuff we really, really, like" department, we're ready to add the new "Beauty Board" from CVS' ExtraCare Beauty Club. In a recent announcement, the 8 million member-strong program announced that it is introducing a panel of beauty and style …
Groupon has ventured deeper into loyalty marketing – and away from paper coupons – with a Boston-area test program that's offering $40 in shellfish for just $24 clams. In the test, with Springfield, Mass.-based supermarket chain Big Y, …
I read this blog post about Moms and loyalty with great interest: The post noted new consumer research that shows that many consumers value the ability to research multiple brands over sticking with tried-and-true brands. As Moms are often the …
According to research released by the Aberdeen Group last week, half of retailers use rebate programs as part of their mix of customer loyalty. In addition, half of the study respondents, both retailers and manufacturers, said the top benefit of …
Fun fact: Americans are just as likely to have bananas in their kitchen as a Kroger loyalty card in their wallets. The $82 billion supermarket chain filed its annual proxy statement on May 13, and it includes several interesting figures regarding …
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For some retailers, the best course of action is to attempt to be as many different things to as many different shoppers as possible. But reaching across niches and segments requires smart product selection and arrangement, appropriate technology and content, and a deep understanding of how people shop and what they want from their stores.

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