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It might not be a miracle, but Macy's may reach a 34th milestone by Christmas. Shares of Macy's Inc. hit a two-year high today when the Cincinnati-based department store chain announced sales that beat its own expectations, encouraging it to lift …
It looks like Canada is not only going to bring home the bacon for Target Corp., but chances are it will deliver some loyalty, as well. The Minneapolis-based mass merchant recently estimated that its pending expansion into the north will generate $…
It was Small Business Saturday and I was on a mission, I would venture out to holiday shop. With this caveat: I refused to buy anything if the help didn't say anything to me. I was looking for a repeat Amanda experience. The first shop I entered, …
Regardless of the Black Friday hype, the holiday shopping season still has a long way to go. After all, the Saturday before Christmas is often the busiest shopping day of the year. Still, retailers are off to a decent start – at least by some …
While it's encouraging to read that Deloitte is expecting a slight upturn in retail sales and Nielsen is predicting flat, the reality is this holiday season will be grinchy for retailers. But this is nothing new... I've researched the media going …
Supermarkets are wizards at getting us to buy more than we intend. They've figured out how to successfully sell diapers to beer customers and pine nuts to budget shoppers. But I still wonder how they get us to cross that line from perishables to …
A new loyalty program may soon be rewarding shoppers who purchase brands by Madonna, Martha Stewart and Donald Trump – and they do not have to charge it. Macy's Inc., which sells exclusive labels under each of these celebrities, is testing a …
Be forewarned, this post could become a rant. I have no personal malice towards the writer of the article I'm ripping apart today – just the ideas, how they tap into certain personalities and what she says about retailers – my buds. I …
In the sea of retail sameness, I finally had a unique retail experience at a new store this weekend. Let's face it, no matter where you go in America (and in some cases overseas), it's the same set of retail stores and retail look-alikes. The Gap, …
Do you sell one of the products customers can "wait" on? Like a new mattress? Maybe a new refrigerator? Or a how about a hair cut? Just about any product or service business can say, "Oh, I'm different, my customers can put off purchasing a new ___ …
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More people own their own homes than ever before, and there is one immutable law of home ownership: Things break. Hence the rise of the home center, the massive shopping experience where a home owner can get everything he needs for everything that breaks. Home centers face some unique challenges, too, like the relatively high learning curve for many of the products they sell, and the logistics of buying and selling very large, very heavy items.

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