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In the "stuff we really, really, like" department, we're ready to add the new "Beauty Board" from CVS' ExtraCare Beauty Club. In a recent announcement, the 8 million member-strong program announced that it is introducing a panel of beauty and style …
Charming Charlie is becoming the darling of shopping malls as it expands the number of store units nationwide. The secret of Charming Charlie's success is its focus on delivering value to its customers. Value isn't just low prices – although …
I read this blog post about Moms and loyalty with great interest: The post noted new consumer research that shows that many consumers value the ability to research multiple brands over sticking with tried-and-true brands. As Moms are often the …
Procter & Gamble has figured out one sweet way to bottle up its leading line of shampoos – and it might just help keep prices down. The consumer products maker is now packaging its Pantene shampoos and conditioners in bottles made …
It looks like Canada is not only going to bring home the bacon for Target Corp., but chances are it will deliver some loyalty, as well. The Minneapolis-based mass merchant recently estimated that its pending expansion into the north will generate $…
Much of the country is buried under snow banks. America's retailers, meanwhile, are trying to dig out from a pile of inventory. It occurred to me just this past weekend after stopping at a local retailer to return a sweater. I had no intention of …
Heard the one about the fabric softener and the sleepwalker? The punch line takes place in a department store. Such is a synopsis of Procter & Gamble's latest promotion of its Downy brand, an ambitious campaign that partners popular comedian and …
2011 -- The Year of Retail Redesign2011 will be the year of Business Redesign. It's not a sexy concept. It means hard work. But business (not interior or architectural) redesign is what many retailers are beginning to focus on. Retailers are realizing that they can't simply keep …
It always bugged me that almost every specialty store displays its small-sized clothes on the top rack, where small people cannot easily reach them, while the large sizes are at the bottom. If one store switched this practice around, I may find …
Macy's has installed an interesting feature at its flagship store in Manhattan – a 72-inch digital "mirror" that enables customers to virtually try on all the tops, bottoms and dresses they like. What a fitting perk to reflect Macy's own …
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