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A love song to Mr. Sears and Mr. RoebuckBy Dr. Robert Passikoff President, Brand Keys For nearly 100 years Sears, Roebuck & Co. was America's greatest retailer and consumers loved them. Hard to believe today? Well here's a bit from a 1949 song by Ray Gilbert, William Okie, and Al …
The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announced it is teaming up with JCPenney as part of the retailer's charitable giving program, JCPenney Cares. Throughout the month of January, JCPenney customers can round up their in-store or jcp.com …
Fox Business has released its annual list of the worst CEOs, and three of the seven slots are reserved for retail leaders. No. 5 on the list is Eddie Lampert, the CEO and chairman of Sears, the man who "has presided over the slow and steady decline …
The Walmart whale is making waves in South Africa retailIt is one thing to read about international retailing, but quite another to experience it firsthand. I've visited South Africa several times on safaris, but never to specifically focus on retailing. On my around the world tour delivering IMS Retail …
In his August 8, 2012 New York Post article, "Macy's profit climbs 16%," James Covert states "[Macy's] Profit rose 16% as the New York-based retailer continued to lure away shoppers confused by Penney's new pricing strategy under CEO Ron Johnson." …
Several months ago, JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson and his newly formed executive team made some significant changes to the pricing and promotional structure for the chain. These changes almost immediately met with speculation from investors, anger from …
It never ceases to amaze me how addicted people get to low prices. You probably think I'm talking about buyers, don't you? Well I'm not. As I've stated in many of my earlier blogs we, as sellers, have trained buyers to be price conscious because we …
Being fair and being loyal are not the same thing. But can one engender the other? The question hit me when reviewing J.C. Penney's annual report, which reveals that its heady new pricing strategy, called Fair and Square, could produce a fair number …
When JCPenney announced its new pricing strategy, I was one of the few who applauded the move. After seeing their ads, I'm not so sure I was right in doing so. In my opinion, JCPenney's 'square deal' ads miss the mark completely. Here's why: A '…
On TargetIt will be interesting to see if Target's business falls off or increases in the wake of the recent New York Times coverage of their personalized marketing initiatives. What would be even more interesting would be to see how they are responding …
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Long a beloved part of the retail environment, department stores have changed with the times. What once was a weekend destination for clothes and hardware is now a lifestyle center, often with products that speak to shoppers of every demographic and age group.

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