Turnkey Digital Out-of-Home

ComQi is a global leader in providing turnkey digital out-of-home solutions. Leveraging over 12 years of experience, market insight and technology innovation we know what works, and equally importantly, what doesn't to help navigate you around the pit-falls to deliver a high-value, high impact solution. 

ComQi's Turnkey solution uniquely provides an end to end suite of services:

  • Strategy (such as business case development) and customer experience optimization
  • Content services (from channel development to content production and scheduling)
  • Technology design, implementation and management
  • Interactive services
  • Measurement and analysis. 
  • We can also provide a range of finance options to provide the lowest total cost of ownership and minimize upfront investment. 

ComQ's Turnkey Solution is available as an end-to-end solution or alternatively as individual modular services.

With a range of attractive finance options through ComQi's partnership program ComQi can provide the lowest total cost of ownership and minimal upfront investment.

  Products and Services
  • EnGage™ Content Management System

    ComQi’s EnGage™ Content Manager leverages a decade of development and deep, direct industry experience to deliver a sophisticated planning, distribution and management system for digital signage networks.

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  • Passport

    ComQi’s Passport is a platform for interactive management between digital signage and mobile devices, which will generate revenue through two way mobile-to-screen marketing.

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  • delayMirror

    ComQi’s delayMirror is a mirror-like solution that allows you to view yourself from the front, sides and back while shopping. It “reflects” an image back to the shopper with a 3 second delay so that you can see yourself in all angles.

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  • Audio Video Display System

    The Audio Video Display System is a point-to-point or point-to-multi-point system used for the transmission of high quality audio and video over CAT5.

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  • Video Display System

    The Video Display System for distribution of rich video content in real time and bi-directional RS232 control up to 110m/330ft from any type of player to multiple display devices.

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  • Content Management Software - Remote Transfer

    Content Management Software - Remote Transfer
    RemoteTransfer™ isComQi's world-leading, state-of-the-art content management, scheduling and distribution system for out-of-home digital media applications. Internet based, RemoteTransfer™ is ultra-reliable, secure and scaleable and provides easy management of very large networks.

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  • Media Player by ComQi

    Media Player by ComQi
    At 15x15x5cm and supporting 1080p HD video input, Flash and DVI output, COmQi's RP730 Media Player provides superior performance in a surprisingly small package.

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  • ScreenGate IP Streamer

    Compared with traditional approached to delivering content to digital signage screens, ScreenGate IP Streaming offers significant advantages.

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  • DS Vision Digital

    DS Vision Digital is a powerful solution that distributes real-time digital non-compressed full HD content to multiple terminals and enables Remote Display Management with Proof–of-Performance.

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  • DSV3000

    The ultimate in player-to-screen distribution and control.

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  • DS Video Wall

    The ComQi DS Video Wall is a powerful solution for communicating, promoting, branding, messaging and ambiance.

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