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Building successful deployments for self-service or public space environments is a challenge. Our experienced team can help navigate the pitfalls and identify the technologies and tools to best deploy to meet your business and customer goals.
With proper usability testing, Nanonation can identify the paths to customer success. Solutions can be tailored to deliver results no matter the application or industry by carefully analyzing and understanding how customers interact with technologies in different environments.
Our designers create intuitive, brand-focused interfaces. Trust our team to faithfully reproduce your brand message, or if you have a talented agency at your disposal, we will work with them to optimize your design to the unique rules of interactivity and in-store expectations.
We’ve worked with it all. With experienced partners in hardware, displays and enclosure systems, we can deliver the right mix of technology to match your environment and business goals.
Your existing architecture can be a blessing or a curse. Our software engineers can integrate it into your deployment, optimize it to serve you better, or create completely customized software to replace or supplement what you are currently using.
Our CommandPoint software provides powerful tools to manage complex systems but if you simply don’t have a resource to dedicate to it, who better to manage your system than the people who build them.
A beautifully designed, brilliant, well-received concept can fall flat in the execution. Our experience will guarantee that your vision is realized without compromise and that it remains viable and relevant in the field for years to come.
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