Black Box HDMI Splitters with 3.5-mm Audio Jacks

HDMI Splitters with Audio capabilities/features:

• Split an HDMI signal between two, four, or eight outputs simultaneously.

• Provide accurate, reliable digital video reproduction without distortion and attenuation.

• Distribute audio via their digital HDMI ports or through separate 3.5-mm analog audio jacks.

• Fully HDCP compliant and support EDID display information.

• Blu-ray ready for high-definition display.

• Support UXGA/WUXGA or Full HD 1080p resolutions.

• No need to install any software or interface cards.

• Automatic power-save when signal input is lost.

• LEDs indicate signal activity on each port.

• Simple to set up and use.

Split and distribute HDMI video plus audio from a satellite or set-top box, PC, or other HDMI source device to multiple digital screens without signal loss.

Simply connect your HDMI cables, power up the system, and you’re ready to duplicate a video image for displays up to 16.4 feet (5 m) away. You can also cascade multiple units to expand your broadcast to additional HD screens.

Use one of these splitters, for example, to output HD video from a Blu-ray player, as well as multichannel audio. They feature separate 3.5-mm jacks for distributing audio on each channel. This is particularly useful in digital signage applications where, instead of the audio capabilities of the connected display devices, you want to use existing high-power speakers and high-fidelity audio receiver equipment for audio output.

NOTE: The quality of the output signal will depend largely upon the quality of video source, HDMI cable, and display device used.

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