Olea Tuscon Kiosk

Olea Tucson Kiosk

Simple Interactive Kiosk for Small Facilities
Features 19” – 22” all-in-one style touchscreen PC system

The Tucson is a patented interactive Kiosk that provides an eye catching and engaging self-service experience with a 19” (up to 22”) all-in-one LCD touch screen computer. The unique design coupled with its ample overhead signage panel commands attention, effectively enhancing your corporate brand and showcasing your kiosk application. Despite the compact footprint, the Tucson generously accommodates a wide range of transactional components such as; a card reader, barcode scanner, Wi-Fi, printers, speakers, trackball and keyboard. The user friendly setup, built to last construction, easy portability and shipping features make the Tucson a customer favorite for quick deployment in a wide array of settings.

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  Products and Services
  • Olea Milan Kiosk

    Olea Milan Kiosk

    A stunning pedestal-style kiosk designed on the principles of versatility and configurability. Large LCD display demands attention; configure this beauty with a bounty of hardware options.

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  • Olea Metropolis Kiosk

    Olea Metropolis Kiosk

    Sophistication meets simplicity. The sleek contemporary design of this highly customizable retail kiosk makes it the ideal self-service solution for most industries. 

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  • Olea Metrolite Kiosk

    Olea Metrolite Kiosk

    Improve ROI with the Metrolite, a small footprint kiosk that offers flexible configuration and powerful results. Its rugged security is ideal for high traffic areas.

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  • Olea Metro 22 Kiosk

    Olea Metro 22 Kiosk

    Promote user interaction with the Metro22’s upgraded 22 inch monitor. The large viewable area and unique specifications, make it perfect for wayfinding, educational, and informational applications.

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  • Olea Boston Kiosk

    Olea Boston Kiosk

    Well-rounded and elegantly designed, the Boston kiosk offers unique privacy and user comfort. A generous upper ad panel helps promote your application to effectively maximize ROI.

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  • Olea Chicago Kiosk

    Olea Chicago Kiosk

    Eye-catching and ergonomically designed, the Chicago transactional kiosk is built to excel in any industry. This retail kiosk accommodates a variety of transaction hardware peripherals.

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  • Olea comPADre

    Olea comPADre

    The comPADre mount and stands allow your iPad to serve as an Interactive business Kiosk.  These iPad enclosures are sleek, cost effective and elegantly secure.

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  • Olea Retail Kiosks

    Olea Retail Kiosks

    Olea’s unique retail kiosks enhance customer engagement, increase store traffic, reduce overhead and personnel, expedite orders, track inventory, improve consumer loyalty and compile customer data.

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  • Olea Healthcare Kiosks

    Olea Healthcare Kiosks

    Healthcare Kiosks increase efficiency and patient satisfaction in emergency departments, waiting rooms and ambulatory settings by expediting the process and improving customer experience.

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  • Olea Casino Loyalty Kiosks

    Olea Casino Loyalty Kiosks

    Casino Loyalty kiosks help increase repeat visits by offering player loyalty programs, providing casinos insights and statistics to help owners market effectively to their customers.

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  • Olea Ticketing Kiosks

    Olea Ticketing Kiosks

    Ticketing kiosks help simplify and expedite the ticket purchasing process by making each transaction faster, keeping lines shorter, and allowing a higher volume of turnaround.

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  • Government Kiosks

    Government Kiosks

    Government Kiosks allow branches to provide better service through reduced congestion and shorter wait times while also lowering the overhead costs of personnel.

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  • Olea Human Resource Kiosks

    Olea Human Resource Kiosks

    Human Resource kiosks screen applicant data, display scheduling and provide 24 hour accessibility to HR information. Additionally they help lower the overhead costs of staff.

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