Qtrac Call-Forward Electronic Queuing System

Lavi Industries Linear Queuing

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction.
  • Dramatically decrease perceived wait time.
  • Eliminate agent “down time” due to inefficient queuing processes.
  • Decrease average wait time by optimizing customer throughput.
  • Increase impulse purchases.

QtracCF optimizes customer throughput and increases service efficiency by streamlining the way agents hail customers at checkout.
With a simple button-push on Qtrac's wireless remote, agents instantly alert the next waiting customer and effortlessly guide them to an open service position using both audio and visuals from the LCD display. Additionally, multiple QtracCF systems can be configured to work together, allowing agents to use their remote to call customers from other service queues.

Qtrac's wireless communication enables fast and easy installation.
Simply plug it in and turn it on! Its self-contained architecture works independently from other networks, keeping proprietary information safe and secure.

Powerful media capabilities enhance ROI and drive impulse sales at check-out.
Simply swap out a USB media stick to instantly update media messaging. Between-queue messaging, in conjunction with a NeXtrac in-line merchandising solution can increase impulse sales at check-out by as much as 400% as well as dramatically decrease perceived wait times up to 35%.

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